Squawker Debuts on Infowars! Exposes George Soros!


    Squawker Debuts on Infowars! Exposes George Soros!

    Squawker’s Alastair Williamson was featured on Infowar’s Nightly News Special on July 10, 2017. The video can be viewed here.

    Squawker’s editors along with Alastair Williamson uncovered bombshell footage of protestors being bussed into a Baltimore City, Maryland protest. The video shows protestors stepping off busses and then walking into the protest right before the march.

    What comes next is the footage from the march where George Soros’s active US program called ‘CASA de Maryland‘ is seen shutting down city streets.

    Conclusion: This unbelievable footage now shows the interworking of how Open Society Foundation constructs a protest from start to finish. Squawker’s editors along and Alastair Williamson have made the ‘paid Soros protest conspiracy’ now fact.