For some strange reason that we mere mortals may likely never understand. Shoes remain more valuable then gold to many black Americans. Never was this more clear then in the wake of Hurricane Irma. A storm that scared almost the entire population of Florida away in fear for their very lives. Leaving only a few brave souls behind. There only seeming goal? To collect as many free sneakers as they possibly could.  

Luckily for us a few daring cameramen also stayed behind and collected the evidence for us to enjoy. Here below are 5 of the best examples of Hurricane Irma shoe looting.


As you will see reading this list. Foot Locker was target number one for most of the Florida residents who decided to take their chances with the storm. Seemingly more tempting then any bank or high priced good store. Here some local news men, caught one location being emptied out. 


Even the start of heavy rains and winds weren’t enough to keep the Foot Lockers of Florida safe. Here some passerby’s catch a group who has pried open the security gate to gain illegal entry into the store. 


Taking a break from Foot Locker, here we have a different shoe store being emptied out. Notice this group was more direct in their thievery, simply smashing a whole right through the front glass window to gain entry. The clearly rising winds not enough to deter them from the temptation of ever more free sneakers.


Once again we have another Foot Locker, but this time the robbery is more ambitious in scope. With a full team of cars pulling up to the back entrance and proceeding to unload the entire inventory of the store into them before speeding off just as the police arrive.  


For this last video we have something a bit different. Not just footage of more looting, but rather of a brave citizen who decided he was done tolerating the self destruction of his community  If only there were more people like this in Florida, maybe all of the above video’s would not exist.

As if more people had heard the words, “I’m not scared to shoot you. I’m an Ex fucking Swat deputy. I will cut your ass in half.” Like the man in this video yells out at a would be looter, a lot more shoes would still be on there proper shelves in Florida today.


One last video just proving that Hurricane crime doesn’t always pay.

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