Reverse Anne Frank? German Woman Captured After Hiding Out From Jewish Created Law in Germany


A five day manhunt has ended with the capture of Ursula Haverbeck, the infamous “Nazi” grandma who has challenged free speech laws in Germany.

After not showing up to serve her two year jail sentence, the 89 year old German author may have been staying with supporters who hid her from police. 

In a “reverse Anne Frank” situation Ursula, an ethnic German, was hiding out from capture for breaking Jewish created laws. (1) (2)

Ursula was charged with hate speech following a debate about how many Jews died in the Holocaust which was broadcast on national, German, television. It was the first time anyone had been allowed to question the official holocaust death toll (6 million) on German television.

Ursula’s position is that roughly 500,000 people died in the Holocaust, not six million. She also contends that those who died were not deliberately mass exterminated and that Auschwitz was a labor camp and not a death camp. 

Many Americans would be repulsed by her views but would defend her right to hold them as well as her right to free speech, however, in Germany, questioning any part of the commonly held beliefs surrounding the Holocaust, including the number of exactly how many Jewish people died, is illegal. 

So the debate which Mrs. Haverbeck engaged in on German television, in 2015, landed her afoul of the law.

After an ongoing, three year, court process, including many appeals and questions as to whether the old woman could endure a two year prison sentence, Ursula was to begin serving her sentence on May 2nd, 2018 but when police arrived at her door she was gone and her car was missing. She was captured on May 7th.

Ursula began her work in ernest following the death of her husband Werner Georg Haverbeck who, for a short time, had been part of the national leadership of the Nazi Party. He was also the founder and director of the German Imperial Federation of Nation and Homeland in 1933, as well as a writer and publisher, an historian, a folklorist and a pastor for the church, The Christian Community.

He died in 1999.