Anti Christian Youtube Runs Ads for Ramadan on Christian Videos


Youtube is a great place to hear a song or two so it wasn’t unusual that on Monday morning I turned on one of my favorite Christian hymns. What was unusual is I found myself watching an ad for, of all things, Ramadan, a Muslim holiday.

Intending to play “In Christ Alone,” sung a cappella on the Youtube channel The N Crew Eli Eli I was greeted by an ad from Platinum Heritage, a luxury tourism company which brings westerners to the “magical land” of Saudi Arabia to celebrate the Islamic holiday of Ramadan by eating roast goat meat with smiling Arabs. 

Alarm bells went off in my mind. Why would they run an ad promoting Islam at the beginning a Christian hymn? Why was this company bringing Westerners to a foreign land to celebrate a holiday so dangerous and so well known for being a time of increased terrorism in the Middle East that it’s referred to as “Bomb-adan?”

How could such a dangerous service even exist and why was Youtube targeting the advertising of it to Christians? 

Platinum Heritage is a company based in Dubai which employs a multicultural staff in order to create a “sustainable business that honestly represented the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.” according to their CEO and founding partner Adam McEwan. 

The honest culture? According to Human Rights Watch, “Saudi authorities continued their arbitrary arrests, trials, and convictions of peaceful dissidents. Dozens of human rights defenders and activists continued to serve long prison sentences for criticizing authorities or advocating political and rights reforms. Authorities continued to discriminate against women and religious minorities.”

Has the world, especially the Western world, and those at Youtube forgotten that Saudi Arabia funded the 9/11 attacks in which 3,000 Americans died? 

Did we forget that women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive, have no choice who they marry, cannot have a bank account, must wear black capes and hijab, cannot speak or interact with men outside their family, cannot independently seek medical treatment or have any custody of their own children? 

I didn’t see any of this in the Heritage Platinum commerical nor on their website description of their “honestly represented” tours. 

What I did see is Youtube promoting a backwards, barbarous, murdering, culture while at the same time attempting to habituate, Western Christians to Arab and Muslim culture. A culture that is being brought by the millions into Europe and America. 

This lowering of western values and defenses towards the dangers of Islam has meant the destruction of American and European cities and towns. It has increased the massive burden on our welfare state and has led to the violent death of countless young women and children at the hands of Muslim men who see them as non-human. 

That is authentic Arab and Muslim culture, not happily smiling families sharing roast goat with people who hate us. Muslims seek to destroy our culture and our families and they tell us so over and over in plain words, all the time. 

I reached out to Platinum Heritage Tours for a comment. I asked if they had a statement to give on this matter. Did they feel it was appropriate for their ads to appear on Christian channels? 

Did they feel their ads accurately represented the culture of Ramadan and the UAE in general? How does their company feel about the human rights violations, especially against women in the UAE? How does their company square the fact that they are helping to support a country currently being sued for funding the 9/11 attack in which 3,000 Americans died? 

Platinum Heritage did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.