Coffee Shop Refuses Service to Christian Man, Allows Muslim to Spew Hate Speech at Him


In a bizarre event, totally misreported by the mainstream media, a man in an LA coffee shop was denied service because he told a Muslim woman that she looked like she was dressed for Halloween and that her Quran instructs her to kill him (a Christian) and that he doesn’t want to be killed. 

The Barista refused to serve the man saying he was being “disruptive” and “racist” while she supported the Muslim woman who defamed Christians openly, shouting lies and verbally attacking the man saying, “Did you know, in your Bible Jesus says to bring all the people who don’t believe, to kill them!?” 

The man continuously tells the woman he doesn’t want to speak with her and tries to over and over to ignore her and order his coffee, even throwing his hand up repeatedly to block her. However, she continues to berate him with anti-Christian hate speech. 

The incident took place Friday at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop in Riverside, east of Los Angeles.

The Muslim woman says, “You are committing hate speech against me.” Even though what the man says about the Quran is factually correct (which she never denies). The Quran DOES say to kill him yet the lies she shouts at him about Jesus telling his followers to kill unbelievers is 100% false.

Another customer can be heard shouting at the man from across the room, using the f-word repeatedly and calling him a racist (and also ignoring the woman’s anti-Christian hate speech and not attacking her for her bigotry and lies). 

The woman was not wearing a regular hijab, she was wearing a niqad, a garment and veil which covers the whole woman, with only a small slit for the eyes. It is a custom imported from Najid, in Saudi Arabia and is linked to a particularly fundamental and brutal form of Islam. 

Veiling in Islam, which ranges from simple headscarves to total draping, is an appropriation and corruption of the Christian practice of veiling. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul gives Christian women the practice of veiling while in church. 

Christianity, which predates Islam by 8 centuries, has many forms of veiling, all of which enhance a woman’s God-given beauty and modesty, as opposed to the Islamic appropriation which is meant to hide the woman who is considered inferior

We live in curious times when a man at a coffee shop telling a woman he doesn’t like her religion because it tells her to kill him, is presented by the media as “the bad guy” when the woman, in contrast, is a radical fundamentalist, openly practicing a faith which has killed thousands of Americans.

She attacks the Christian man and shouts lies about his faith -the faith of the nation in which she is living. 

Curious times indeed. 

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