“Shut Them All Down!” Britain First Launches Crusade Against Sharia Courts


There are over 100 Sharia Law courts in the United Kingdom, most of which are in highly populated areas like London, Manchester and Luton. One can be sure to find one in any No-Go Zone in the UK. For those who don’t know what a No-Go Zone is, a No-Go Zone is a regional area where it is deemed too unsafe for police to patrol and go into due to the extremely high terror threat levels.

So what is Britain First planning to do? – They have set up a petition on their Facebook to remove the Sharia courts from the UK. The UK’s most controversial and censored party hopes to tackle the issues of the Sharia compliant courts by displaying a mass protest outside the buildings where Sharia Law takes place in.

The courts run outside of the British national justice system and they operate under the laws set out by the Quran. According to the courts, women are not allowed to enjoy sex and they should have their genitals mutilated to prevent sexual pleasure, women must always wear a hijab, women must always be obedient to their husband/father/brother/any male family member, halal meat is a right and that a Muslim killing a non believer can be somewhat justified by the Quran.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, thinks that Sharia Law can educate the citizens of Britain over the ‘benefits’ that come with the law. Theresa May has also been criticised into not looking into the many cases of women being demanded to stay with with their abusive spouses thanks to the Sharia courts. She was later told to take back what she had said about Sharia Law when her try hard political correctness towards Muslims didn’t work so well. She said: “I’ve been the politician who’s been willing to say no. I’m concerned that Sharia law is operating in a way that could discriminate against women and that could be counter to what is our single rule of law that we have in the UK. So there is one rule of law in the UK – that’s why I’ve set up the review that I have, chaired by Professor Mona Siddiqui, and that will be looking at the operation of Sharia law and whether it is actually operating to discriminate against women and counter to our overall rule of law.”

Britain First has been making headlines every week since President Trump retweeted them late last year. Within the last 7 days, Jayda Fransen (the deputy leader) was accused of making a woman miscarry when she shouted through an Islamic rapist’s letterbox. The Guardian stated that Fransen shouted ‘racial abuse’ just so they could progress their dying organization and get more views on their website. It turns out she said: ‘Dirty Muslim rapist, come out, we’re not going to leave until you’re gone,’ this isn’t racist – it’s anti Muslim talk against an islamic rape gang member where the gang was based on Islamic State Law. The last time I checked, Islam is not a race since anyone can be a Muslim. Recently President Trump was forced to apologize to those triggered by his retweet of Britain First videos. The videos were of Islamic Extremists, one clip was claimed to be false (but the claim was not backed by anything). The question remains, why were the British government so upset over Islamic Extremist videos being shared by the President?

The President has been vocal about his dislike for Sharia Law, Theresa May was forced to speak (but not act) against them. Love them or hate them, this may well be a job for Britain First.