“Unacceptable to Leave the Public Hanging.” Ottawa Police Ignore Anti-Christian Terrorist Threat for Over a Day


A mass shooting threat was made by a Muslim against Christians in Ottawa, Canada and citizens are furious that the police are still refusing to take it seriously or notify the public.

On Sunday, May 20th, and then again early Monday morning, around 1:30 AM, the account @MJafleur, Masoph Jafluer, tweeted that “Christians within the city must be brought down to advance the will of the true God.” He then tweeted again that “tomorrow morning I will be taking a lot of lives at Carlton, University. Take this as a warning, if you go to campus, you will be among the casualties.” 

Concerned people on Twitter launched into action to try and locate the man, alert authorities as well as spread the word to those who attend the university. 

Even some fellow Muslims were worried and attempted to contact authorities, according to their Tweets. 

Many people were confused about what day he meant by “tomorrow.” One post was dated Sunday, which would make “tomorrow” Monday, May 21st, however, Carlson University is closed Monday for Victoria Day, a national holiday. The second Tweet was sent in the early morning of Monday which would make “tomorrow” Tuesday the 22nd. 

The account posted pictures of pipe bombs which Twitter sleuths traced to other sources online.

A lot of people thought the threat was fake and that the whole account was set up as part of a hoax. However, most people took the threat more seriously. 

A full day pasted and the Ottawa police, who had been called, emailed and tagged in the post’s responses, had not issued a statement about the case. Students and family were scared. 

When the police finally acknowledged the situation, it was woefully unsatisfactory. 

People wanted to know, how did the police know the threat wasn’t real, and real or not, why weren’t they trying to track the man down?

The police seem to have checked the location on the account and judged that since it said it came from America, that the threat wasn’t real. As one Tweeter pointed out, a VPN, which masks your location, could have been used. 

One student pointed out that this account had followed some of the students from Carlson and that they were concerned. 

As of press time the Ottawa police had not responded to any of these concerns. Why doesn’t the Ottawa police department take the threats made against Christian Canadians seriously?