Yesterday was International Men’s Day but unlike its longer running and far more celebrated female counterpart, you likely didn’t hear anyone discussing the holiday. At least not in any kind of positive light. In fact the brave few who dared tried to use the occasion to shed light on the many issues facing men, largely received nothing short of open hostility for their efforts. Don’t believe me, just check out this post from an editor over at the Daily Beast.

Now according to most Liberals the biggest single reason we should ignore the holiday is that “every day is International Men’s Day.” But despite this being an unfortunately popular misconception, it simply isn’t true. In fact in much of the Western World, men now face a reality increasingly stacked against them. This is why men are fast falling behind women in categories such as education and income, while increasingly leading in categories like suicide and homelessness. Despite the mainstream media constantly telling us that we are still living in a man’s world, this is hard to believe for the millions of men whose pain and suffering are routinely ignored just because of their gender.


In a year though where the misdeeds of a select few powerful men have increasingly been used to vilify an entire gender the holiday had no real chance of success. After all on the very day that is supposed to be about calling attention to the serious issues plaguing men worldwide, ABC instead gave air time to the American Music Awards which spent the evening trying to “combat toxic masculinity.” 

With the recent sexual misconduct allegations sweeping Hollywood and DC calling only ever more attention to the plight of Women. Was one single day to bring the focus back on the other half of the population really so much to ask? After all the stated goals of the day seem harmless enough. As the official website states it hopes the day will bring “a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.” If modern feminists continue to attack those who choose to celebrate the day, it would seem as if they are openly admitting that true gender equality is not really their endgame goal.

International Mens Day - Celebrate Men and Boys, Fireworks

If next year’s Men’s Day is to go better than this years, it’s important to keep fighting to bring attention to these issues daily. With the Left already so adamant that every day is International Men’s Day, maybe we should just go along with that. After all calling constant attention to every possibly injustice has certainly worked well for the Feminist movement in recent years.

So it’s high time we followed suit, and stopped ignoring when new studies increasingly reveal uncomfortable truths that might not perfectly fit into the politically correct global patriarchy narrative that’s pushed on us all almost daily. The male voice needs to make itself heard again in the Western world, and follow the example of our Indian brothers who have increasingly managed to actually win some battles in the name of fairness and true gender equality. To put it simply, it’s time to make it OK to be a man again. 

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