While the media continues to focus ever more on the financial plight and well-being of our female population.  A new under reported study has revealed that our poorest males are suffering another unexpected side effect of their economic situation.  Which is that these men tend to be twice as likely to be single and living alone, when compared with both their more well-off male counterparts or even their equally poor female ones. 

In an official statement regarding the report the Institute for Fiscal Studies said, “It is well known that the sons of richer parents tend to go on to have higher earnings. However, new research shows that they also benefit from being more likely to have a partner.”  The difference so steep in fact that men raised in lower income households were actually twice as likely to eventually be divorced or just never married at all when compared to their counterparts raised in high income households.  For females on the other hand, no strong correlation between family or personal income and the likeliness of being in a relationship was found.

The UK based study which can be seen in full here, found for example that while only 1 in 7 men from rich backgrounds were living alone by their 40’s. The numbers rose to more than 1 in 3 men living alone from those with worse off economic backgrounds.  It’s not a stretch by any means to point out this data would imply that women are being far pickier then there male counterparts in terms of expecting certain financial levels being met in their partners.  This being backed up by the fact that economically challenged women unlike men still tend to find themselves married and living with a partner by middle age.  Thus proving that men don’t seem to be demanding their partners come with money to the extent their female counterparts clearly are. 

These results though are not all that surprising given the fact a previous study published in the Social Indicators Research Journal, revealed that women were twice as likely to associate money with love and emotion. Compared to men who were more likely to view money as a sign of freedom.  This female tendency to equate money and love, seems to be leaving a ton of poorer middle aged men doomed to a life of loneliness.  This likely contributing to the fact that men die by suicide more then 3 times as often as women do. For years women have told us to stop judging them only by their appearance, but maybe it’s time we start asking them to stop only judging men by their bank accounts.


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