If you have seen the news today, I wouldn’t blame you for being under the impression that Democrats just scored a massive election night victory. However despite sites like Politico running stories such as “Democrats euphoric after Tuesday night election romp.” There is actually little reason for Liberals to be euphoric at all about last nights results. 

Didn't know a "big" win was winning 2 out of 7 elections
Reports Of An Anti-Trump Wave Are Premature

A common theme today from outlets like MSNBC and the Huffington Post is that last night’s results somehow indicate a positive change in the chances for Democrats in next years 2018 midterm elections. But is that really the case? After all, almost every key victory claimed by Liberal’s last night came in states that Trump lost. So rather than gaining ground, or even making some back up. All the Democrats really accomplished is holding the line, and preventing the GOP from making even more gains in the Trump era. 

Not Sure If A Win In Two Blue States Means The “Country” Rejected Anything

Worse even still for the state of the Democratic Party. Is that these much celebrated victories in already blue states, actually involved in both cases the GOP candidate doing better then Trump himself in last year’s Presidential election. In almost every case, the key elections the Left would tell you are great victories to be celebrated actually represent a few small percentage gains for the GOP. Don’t believe me, well let’s look at the numbers.

For example in the New Jersey Governor race the Republican candidate actually performed about 1 percentage point better than Trump. In the much discussed Virginia race the result was also the same with Gillespie doing about 1% better than the sitting President. But most importantly these were two states the GOP didn’t carry last year so how can losing them now be construed as some sudden Blue Wave, like the media has taken to calling it. 

One CNN article titled “5 takeaways from the Democrats’ big night,” included this particularly ridiculous statement. “Republicans will wake up Wednesday in a nightmare: All of a sudden, full control of Congress might be in serious jeopardy. Trump’s low approval ratings look toxic. And it could be much harder to convince incumbents to run — and to recruit candidates into open-seat races — in such a difficult environment.” In what world does the Democrats barely continuing to hold two states that went blue last year mean GOP control of Congress is in jeopardy? It’s almost as if the Dem’s were in such dire need of a win, they are willing to celebrate anything at this point. 

What the real story is here, is that it’s only taken a single year since the surprise Presidential blowout for the Left to once again rediscover their misplaced arrogance. By all means let them head into next year’s midterms full of misplaced confidence. After all, how well did that work out for them last time?

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