“If you’re not a pedophile, if you’re not totally compromised by Soros’ open society foundation, if you’re just a normal human being who cares about your country, and you’re not doing anything next year, consider running for congress. There are going to be a shit load of empty seats.”

David Seaman streamed his thoughts on Mike Cernovich’s breakthrough discover in a video titled:


John Conyers, a congressman and recently exposed serial sexual predator, may not be the only politician involved. In a Tweet earlier today, Mike Cernovich (who helped reveal the true nature of Conyer’s ways) had this to say: 

“Seems like this is a much bigger story and it goes well beyond John Conyers. Maybe media should spend less time attacking me… And go find more cases (264 at least) of Congressmen abusing staffers and paying hush money with tax dollars?” 

He had been replying to a Tweet made out by Kate Nocera, who pointed out the fact that everyone seems to be quick to say they knew nothing, but not a single one of them can explain away the hush money. 

“According to data released to Reid Wilson of The Hill, Congress has paid out as much as $4 million per fiscal year to women abused by Congressmen. Although these settlements are paid with taxpayer funds, the settlements are kept secret from the public.

 Conyers’ behavior is part of a larger pattern of cover-ups led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senators like John McCain and Jeff Flake.

We are demanding that Paul Ryan release EVERY one of these settlements.” 

Mike Cernovich writes on Medium. He also encourages us to take action ourselves. 

It’s now time to call Paul Ryan’s office. Call your Congressman or Congresswoman. Demand that they #UnsealTheRecords

As David Seaman noted, we don’t pay our taxes to pay off victims of pedophiles. These people shouldn’t be touching these women and children anyway, yet more than Seventeen Million dollars of tax payer money goes to keeping these monsters in office. I don’t care what political party you’re on, it’s time for us to take action and get these people out of office. This is definitely a game changer.  

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