ANTIFA Assaults Journalist Tim Pool At Rally; 4Chan Finds Perpetrator in 10 Hours

assaulted journalist Tim Pool

ANTIFA assaulted journalist Tim Pool while at a Free Speech Rally in Boston on Saturday.

The Tim Pool 4chan thread is here.


UPDATE: 4CHAN TROLLS TRACK DOWN TIM POOL’S ALLEGED ATTACKER IN 10 HOURS! He’s a white vegan Muslim man named Ryan Scott. The facial profiles are identical.

The Boston chapter of the organization ANTIFA scheduled Saturday as a day to fight against free speech. Their Facebook page had their message pinned.

They initiated a call to action to infiltrate the free speech rally in Boston and shut down the “Fascists” that would be attending.

The Tim Cast live stream is below.

It appeared that ANTIFA attended the rally in Boston not only to quash free speech but to actively endorse violence against citizens who were promoting it.

According to sources, journalist Tim Pool wasn’t seriously injured by the thugs who attacked him.

The rally in Boston is a smaller version of what occurred in Berkeley last month when Ann Coulter cancelled her speech. Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern took her place and it was a fairly peaceful event. This is where earlier this year Milo Yiannapoulos was stopped from speaking by rioting ANTIFA members.

ANTIFA has a lengthy history of threatening journalists like Coulter, Yiannapoulos, and Pool, as these individuals are now the public faces of a ground-swell counterculture movement in the United States. And ANTIFA wants to shut it down by any means necessary including violent attacks on Trump supporters and free speech advocates. 

Often, they get away with these assaults because they wear masks to conceal their identities.

Local police departments across the United States have moved to restrict ANTIFA’s masks so that members can’t assault somebody and escape without prosecution. Boston apparently hasn’t implemented this policy. ANTIFA members who assaulted Tim Pool wore masks.

They won’t get away it, though. 4chan will hunt them down, as they hunted down and unmasked Professor Eric Clanton. Clanton used a bike lock inside a sock to hit somebody on the head. The victim of his assault has sued Clanton for damages.

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  • FrancisMcManus

    The rally and counter-protest in Boston was nothing like the rally and counter-protest in Berkeley.

    For the most part, the 4chan, proud boys and oathkeepers stayed near the Parkman bandstand and non-violent student protest and antifa stayed on the hill across the path from the bandstand.

    Boston Police established the path as a demarcation. People crossed it at will but when voices or threats escalated police asked the folks to return to the other side. Mostly, people complied.

    Timcast said he was threatened with violence by Antifa who declined to be interviewed. I didn’t hear Timcast say he was assaulted but I may have missed it.

    One proud boy with a can of Pepsi punched a girl in the face. Boston Police cuffed both of them. I don’t know if either was arrested.

    That’s the extent of illegal behavior as far as I know. The account in the local paper said the same. This rally was nothing like Berkeley.