Antifa Mocks Andrew Anglin for Linking Austin Bomber to Atomwaffen Division (Fake News)


Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, blamed the Austin bombings on the far-right. “There’s pretty much zero possibility that this is not political,” Anglin begins, before adding, “Given that the victims have been minorities, I would assume it is either a right-wing terrorist or a false flag of a right-wing terrorist.” Antifa couldn’t wait to seize the opportunity to goad him for being proven wrong.

In two separate articles on the Daily Stormer, Anglin went on to explain his theory that Federal agents are infiltrating the Alt-Right and “grooming” members to be future domestic terrorists. “Basically, they use memes that already exist within the Alt-Right, then inject their own memes into it, saying that anyone who doesn’t commit terrorism is a cuck,” Anglin’s article states.

He noted his investigation by the FBI, based on Dylan Roof having commented on his site, as evidence of an alleged conspiracy perpetrated by the Government to create Alt-Right Manchurian candidates. He then doubles down on his assumption, by connecting the Austin bombings to Atomwaffen, an extremist cult, whose members overlap with white nationalists.

“In particular, the group Atomwaffen and some others promoting the book “Siege” have been openly promoting terrorism online for several months,” Anglin states. Anglin further notes that Atomwaffen’s leader, John Cameron Denton, and several of the group’s members live in Texas.

Atomwaffen has been involved in violence, with several of the group’s members arrested for murdering roommates, friends and parents. However, attributing package bombs and tripwires to the group seemed like just as much of a stretch yesterday as it did today, after the revelation of the now-deceased bomber’s identity.