Are paid protesters infiltrating Republican town hall events to cause chaos?


The Claim:

Bizarre town hall protests against congressional Republicans in the month of February have some people suggesting on social media that the protesters are paid and organized for the purpose of disruption.

The Verdict:

In February, Republicans in Congress have been subjected to unusually raucous and sometimes out of control town hall meetings with the public. Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah was targeted with verbal assaults, while Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa had to end her forum early because of heckling. Town hall events aren’t for protesting, but discussion. They’re meant to bring people together, peacefully, to dialogue about problems in the congressional district or state.

But not anymore. Bizarre swarms of people are infiltrating town halls armed with loud voices and obnoxious signs. Some of their signage mocks or ridicules the member of Congress who is hosting the town hall. Other signage is supportive liberal policies like Obamacare. Republicans in heavily conservative states or districts are the exclusive targets of these weird town hall protests, prompting some media outlets to suggest that disgruntled Republicans, who are angry with their congressional representative or senator, are the ones causing the chaos.

Something strange is happening. And it smells like a paid protest, which wouldn’t be shocking at all. George Soros funded 90 million dollars to 50 feminist groups, who then held their “March on Washington D.C.,” which accomplished absolutely nothing. Ashley Judd talked about tampons and a bunch of women wore vagina hats, but other than that the event felt more like a Donald Trump protest.

Let’s consider the following data as we fact check a curious case of rowdy town hall protesters:

  1. They exclusively disrupt Republican events.
  2. They carry the same signs no matter where the forum is held. Their signs only showcase liberal demands such as “Save Obamacare!”
  3. They say the exact same things, literally, at every single town hall throughout the country. Their choice chants are “Shame on You!” and “Do Your Job!”


Don’t believe it? Here’s a headline for Representative Jason Chaffetz’s town hall:


Here’s a headline for Senator Mitch McConnell’s town hall:


Still don’t believe it? Here’s a headline for Senator Joni Ernst’s town hall:


Here’s one for Senator Tom Cotton’s town hall:


And here’s a video of paid protesters at Senator Bill Cassidy’s town hall:

At every single location, the protesters say the same things, hold the same signs, and use the same aggressive strategies. Yet, in spite of the evidence, the mainstream media hasn’t quite put together the facts of the case. Far left publication The Intercept actually defended the protesters, claiming they aren’t paid at all and that the protests are the result of concerned citizens coming forward to express themselves. The Intercept is wrong. A leaked audio proves that the protestors intentionally targeted Senator Bill Cassidy’s town hall for the purpose of disruption. In fact, one woman can be heard referencing the Indivisible Movement, which is an extreme left national organization funded by George Soros.

Sorry, but we’re not fooled at Paid protesters were a tactic of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Robert Creamer of Democracy Partners, who was caught on video admitting he hired paid protesters to cause violent disturbances at Donald Trump’s rallies.