Well, It’s April. I guess it’s about time to start the annual saber-rattling against Syria.

There are tons of Americans against potentially getting involved in WWIII, but there seems to be a consensus among American Jews, Israelis and people who support Israel about going to war.

Let’s see what that consensus is according to major Jewish Sources.

The Times of Israel on Yoav Galant:

Ben Shapiro Retweeting Mark Levin:Jerusalem Post:If this wasn’t pushing the envelope far enough, according to Haaretz, if you don’t support war with Syria, you’re a white supremacist and anti-semite.

Another Haaretz headline:

Yesterday, Tucker Carlson released a video questioning why both Republicans and Democrats in “official Washington” are united behind a war in Syria, exposing many of the pro Zionist personalities that have been criticizing him simply for questioning the need to get involved.

In the past few days since the “Gas Attack” in Syria, and Israel’s airstrikes on their bases, our president has seemingly also changed his tune on Russia and getting involved in the Syrian civil war, threatening to fire missiles at Syria that are “nice, new and ‘smart’!”

That’s a pretty big leap from this:

What changed?

Let’s look at the timeline of events:

About 2 weeks ago, Trump had stated he would be withdrawing from Syria ‘very soon’. Neither Israel, nor Trump’s cabinet members/advisors liked that very much.

After that, despite any logic, Assad allegedly attacks his own people with gas, although we were about to pull out, and he stands to gain nothing from doing so.

Then the next day, Israel attacks Syria’s base and kills multiple people. Is it truly surprising that Trump would be persuaded to stay in Syria and get involved in a potential war when he’s surrounded by people like Kushner and John Bolton, who are all on the side of Israel?