• In ruling made today, French Court ordered that city is required to supply migrants with running water, toilets, and showers.
  • Court also ruled that city must provide safe living quarters in various government buildings or “wherever space is available.” 

Calais, a beautiful and once proud historic French city has been under a sustained and well-documented invasion for years.  As a vocal point in the never ending “refugee” wave crushing Europe underneath its heel, the overwhelming accounts of daily rape, rioting, and general violence have become a well documented fact of life in this northern French city.


This violence however hasn’t stopped the French today from taking yet another step to help ensure these invaders become full time occupiers as quickly as possible.  In a ruling made earlier this morning in France, the Council of State, has ruled that the French people themselves must pay and care for these same hoards that now occupy their once scenic streets.

Rather surprisingly this latest ruling is a response to an effort made by the newly installed French government to actually try and make their nation slightly less hospitable and welcoming to these out of control self-described “refugees” from another continent.  But of course since this is Europe, a continent seemingly determined to find the fastest way to ensure its own self destruction. Something had to intervene in order to prevent this moment of sanity on part of the French leadership, who merely tried to stop using French tax payer money to continue to fund this never ending stream of non-European invaders.

In this instance it was the French court system, who opted potentially illegally in the first place to hear a case brought up against the government by non-citizen “refugees”, under the guise of various globalist oriented NGOs.  In a ruling made just this past week, the court has deemed that the French people be required, to supply these invaders with running water, toilets, showers.  Taking things even farther the court has also deemed that the government provide safe living quarters in various government buildings or “wherever space is available.”  This morning the liberal court doubled down on this ruling and rejected an appeal by the French government, thus ensuring this new policy is now the official law of the land.

Of course, since the French refuse to take the simple route and just remove these invaders from their nation, perhaps finding them space to camp out is the preferable alternative to the roaming violent mobs they tend to become otherwise.  A harrowing example of this can be seen in this video by youtube user Calais Libre, a native of the town who has taken to documenting via video the occupation of his once peaceful home.

The reality here is that the French courts are simply more occupied with promoting their own version of progressive feel good social justice, then protecting the security of their citizens.

To make matters worse for the actual French citizens of Calais, it is important to note that Calais was formerly at least a tourist haven in part.  As the closest French city to England, and featuring views of the White Cliffs of Dover, Calais once greeted happy tourists from all over the Western World.  Now when visitors dare attempt to enter into the depths of city, scenes like the ones captured by this truck driver are all that often greet them.


The real question now becomes, how much more will the citizens of Calais put up with before they take matters into their own hands?  In this past election cycle, hoping for salvation, the actual citizens of Calais and the surrounding area voted overwhelmingly for Marine Le Pen, but their hopes were dashed by the bleeding heart voters in Paris.  Even now in a rare moment when their government does attempt to protect them, their own court systems betrays them in favor of pursuing the never ending globalist agenda.  With no hope in sight, it may not be long before the people of Calais, and the many other towns all across Europe facing the same fate, must rise up or risk losing their identity and culture forever.

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