Black Votes Matter! Study Shows Blacks Leaving Democratic Party In Record Numbers


Less and less black men and women feel like the Democratic Party is the party that represents them. Black communities are waking up to the realization that years of race card propaganda isn’t fixing anything.

Statistically, the most loyal voters in the Democratic Party are black women – especially older black women. In 2016, an overwhelming 85% of black women felt that the Democratic Party had their best interests at heart. That number has dropped to 74% late last year. Strictly speaking, not all of the 11% of those who left the Democratic Party went on to become Republicans as many of them became independents. The Percentage of black women who are now independents has risen from 13% to 21%. This is an estimated 3% increase in black women that have decided to jump on the Trump Train post November 8th 2016.

Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities are the foundation to the Democratic Party – the Democrats heavily rely on them to keep their Senators and leaders in power, especially for career politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been the representative of California for over 26 years, very little to no progress in the means of crime reduction in the congressional areas she has represented. This is partially why hardly any of the troubled and crime ridden areas in the US, like Chicago and Baltimore, are never cleaned up. The Democrat Mayors want to create a mess and then blame someone else for it or counter any criticism by accusing the critic of being politically incorrect if they mention the words ‘black’ and ‘crime’ in the same sentence. This is so they can now have a hold over their votes as they can continue to stay in their position. One way these Democratic leaders promote their ‘hard work’ is to exaggerate a small dip in crime and focus entirely on that specific part of the graph and call it progress. This was a very popular strategy used by the Obama administration when it came to job numbers. 1.5 million jobs were lost under President Barack Obama’s tenure (this is another reason why minorities are ditching the Democratic Party as they are starting to see Trump bringing back the jobs) however Obama would focus on a slight increase and then the whole party would go up in arms, despite the statistics showing a downward spiral on employment numbers.

If you thought it were just black women who were the ones leaving then think again. According to a poll from early last year, a staggering 63% of black people (out of a randon survey of 601 all over 18) said that they felt like they had been taken for granted by the Democratic Party. “African Americans are the Democratic Party’s most loyal voters and they should be treated as such,”  Democratic Congresswoman of Florida, Cedric Richmond, stated after the results of the poll was released. “The results of this survey are clear marching orders for the Congressional Black Caucus. African Americans want Democrats to stop using the same old playbook and to make substantive progress on the issues that affect their communities.”