Tony Podesta, founder of the Podesta Group, is an (in)famous Democratic power lobbyist, and is known best by the internet for his involvement in the viral Pizzagate controversy. Four days ago, Podesta stepped down from the Podesta Group after coming under investigation by the Justice Department via probing conducted under the authority of special counsel Robert Mueller. 

4chan, an image board website notorious for its involvement in national concerns, foresaw the fall of Podesta in late September, with one user explaining the following. 

“We gave The Hill a heads up. We knew the switch in the narrative from Trump/Russia to Clinton/Russia would take a little time. We had them drop the Uranium One article exactly one week before we would make the first arrests. Couple of days later, we dropped the dossier info. We needed to hammer the train. The first arrests will be [Paul] Manafort and Tony Podesta. These guys are not the real target, they are just soldiers. The real targets are Hillary, Holder, Rosenstein, and John Podesta. We would love to expose Obama as well but Pres. Trump is adamant about protecting former Presidents. Even if they are corrupt pieces of shit, he believes in the dignity of the office.” 

See a screenshot of the 4chan post (link):

And, once again, 4chan was right. A former State Assisstant for Donald Trump named James Brower came forth on November 3, 2017 with a tweet depicting the text, “Scoop: John Podesta is one of the sealed indictments.” 

Due to Mueller’s investigation, which is just getting started, the Podesta Group has been crippled. Over a dozen of its lobbying clients parted ways with the company, and revenue is at a year-long low with the firm bringing in approximately $4.8 million in the third quarter of 2017, down from $5.2 million in the second quarter of 2017 and from $6.1 million in the third quarter of 2016.

Is the Podesta Group finished? With Tony Podesta having stepped down from his administrative position, which may only be a temporary strategy to avoid defamation, the company is left in a new position, and with the Justice Department breathing down its neck due to the talk of Russian ties, things certainly are not looking good for anyone caught up in Mueller’s investigation.