Tony Podesta, founder of the Podesta Group, is an (in)famous Democratic power lobbyist, and is known best by the internet for his involvement in the viral Pizzagate controversy. Four days ago, Podesta stepped down from the Podesta Group after coming under investigation by the Justice Department via probing conducted under the authority of special counsel Robert Mueller. 

4chan, an image board website notorious for its involvement in national concerns, foresaw the fall of Podesta in late September, with one user explaining the following. 

“We gave The Hill a heads up. We knew the switch in the narrative from Trump/Russia to Clinton/Russia would take a little time. We had them drop the Uranium One article exactly one week before we would make the first arrests. Couple of days later, we dropped the dossier info. We needed to hammer the train. The first arrests will be [Paul] Manafort and Tony Podesta. These guys are not the real target, they are just soldiers. The real targets are Hillary, Holder, Rosenstein, and John Podesta. We would love to expose Obama as well but Pres. Trump is adamant about protecting former Presidents. Even if they are corrupt pieces of shit, he believes in the dignity of the office.” 


See a screenshot of the 4chan post (link):

And, once again, 4chan was right. A former State Assisstant for Donald Trump named James Brower came forth on November 3, 2017 with a tweet depicting the text, “Scoop: John Podesta is one of the sealed indictments.” 

Due to Mueller’s investigation, which is just getting started, the Podesta Group has been crippled. Over a dozen of its lobbying clients parted ways with the company, and revenue is at a year-long low with the firm bringing in approximately $4.8 million in the third quarter of 2017, down from $5.2 million in the second quarter of 2017 and from $6.1 million in the third quarter of 2016.

Is the Podesta Group finished? With Tony Podesta having stepped down from his administrative position, which may only be a temporary strategy to avoid defamation, the company is left in a new position, and with the Justice Department breathing down its neck due to the talk of Russian ties, things certainly are not looking good for anyone caught up in Mueller’s investigation.

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  • Fred

    “No public man can be just a little crooked.” Herbert Hoover

    • Bluesky

      Gay Edgar Hoover was a lot Crooked

  • agnostic conservative

    Well there are some sources claiming that Tony Podesta was apprehended by US Marshals Saturday, and that Tony was supposed to turn himself in. (Hal Turner radio site)
    Hopefully this is true, and the rabbit has the gun, but I still do not trust Mueller at all.

  • igotplans2

    Um, why is James Brower’s tweet misquoted here? It’s right there. It plainly says TONY, not John. Sloppy writing.

  • lock the slime up forever!
    Raping, kidnapping, killing kids

  • Dennis Brletich

    News is Flynn, not John will be arrested tomorrow. If so, this is bullshit. This piece, however, connects a lot of dots for me. I’ve been predicting on facebook ever since that CEO who hired Magnitzky to find out who stole his companies money testified. From that point on, I thought Mueller was a Trump man. Mueller has made more blunders to expose Russian/Clinton collusion by accident then the GOP has done on purpose. The feud twixt Trump/Sessions is all smoke if this is true. Trump and his Deep State allies are pulling a rope a dope on the Clinton deep state and the MSM. We shall see. If Flynn is arrested next, then this is deep state BS from Team HRC.

    • Dennis Brletich

      Flynn arrest makes no sense since he was trying to get a bad guy, Gulan, repatriated back to Turkey, to shut down his racketeering here in the U.S. The only way a Flynn arrest makes sense is if this is smoke because somebody needs more time to get more information. Flynn’s a good man.

      • Richard cianfrone

        Flynn has a list of the Satanist pedophile demons ! arrest Podesta’s, Clinton’s Bush’s burn the demons at the v stake.

  • Dennis Brletich

    Mueller quitting because of corruption would make sense, because we know all the shit he has covered up. He, in fact, is technically a bad actor. You can’t cover shit up and be called an “honorable man”. This source is dicey and so far, i’m not buying what they’re selling even though I want it to be true. Hell, I could have made this exact post with all the bullshit I know. No way I’m going to re-post this. I could see the benefits of this going viral for either camp good or camp evil. Wait and see how it plays out.

  • Dennis Brletich

    Flynn’s son indicted too? No where in this post is this mentioned. I call bullshit.

  • Windtalker

    No Clinton or Clinton affiliate will be indicted. The laws don’t apply to the Clintons.

  • Old Timer

    Read to the end to see what the NYPD had to say about MUELLER is REALLY frightening.

    The taxpayers were screwed out of:
    …………. $100 MILLION and
    …………. $5.9 MILLION and
    …………. $3 MILLION
    in JUDGMENTS because of MUELLER’s Criminal Behavior by him & the FBI, causing the courts to condemn the FBI’s and MUELLER’s conduct.

    1) The FBI’s and ROBERT MUELLER’s criminal behavior and corruption COST America …………. $100 MILLION in compensation to the 4 INNOCENT MEN who had been wrongly and KNOWINGLY convicted BY THE FBI.

    2) Mueller… TRIED TO FRAME TWO INNOCENT MEN for the ANTHRAX CASE and COST America a …………. $5.9 MILLION Judgment to Hatfill because of MUELLER’s and COMEY’s criminal behavior.


    Anthrax Attacks and America’s Rush to Judgment

    Comey, Mueller Bungled Big Anthrax Case Together

    3) Mueller and the FBI’s conduct resulted in a …………. $3 MILLION award from the courts that condemned the FBI’s conduct.

    NYPD Accuses FBI Director Mueller Of A Cover Up November 5. 2007.

    NYPD said “One of these days that famous criminal negligence is going to cause such massive damage that Congress is going to break up the FBI over it.

    Keep it up with the stonewalling and cover-ups and see if it doesn’t land you in Congress one day facing prison sentences, for an incident that renders the nation irreparable harm as a direct result of your negligence.”


    Reread the NYPD’s last two sentences. You will get goosebumps from their uncanny prediction!