BREAKING: Twitter Reacts to Roseanne Cancelation


Following a negative Tweet directed at a Muslim, sitcom star Roseanne Barr, known for her brash sense of humor, had her show “Roseanne,” a reboot of her 1990s show of the same name, canceled by the ABC network.

Despite being a Liberal media darling for decades who pushed lesbianism back in the 1990s before it was commonplace and who insulted America before it was cool – Roseanne’s recent support of President Donald Trump has landed her on the wrong side of Hollywood’s liberal iron curtain.

In the now-deleted Tweet, Roseanne said Valerie Jarrett looked like a monkey. After a backlash calling her Tweet “racist” she repeatedly explained that Islam is not a race. The mob was having none of it and Roseanne finally issued an apology but as you can guess, the mob was having none of that either.

“No redemption, no forgiveness” is the first rule of Lib-club.

Reasonable people knew this was not a ‘racist” Tweet but the anti-conservative, pitchfork carriers bloodlust knows no bounds. She must be fired and humiliated.

Some wonder why anyone would actually apologize to these people. Just hold your ground.

Apologies 👏 don’t 👏 work 👏

Twitter had a mixed reaction to the cancelation of her show. Some danced in her grave, others were outraged.

Jack Prosobeic pointed out that, as usual the mainstream press has its priorities in order.