On November 2, 2017, around approximately 7:00PM, the official, verified Twitter account belonging to President Donald J. Trump was temporarily suspended. Within seconds of his account’s user-handle showing a screen that said, “@realdonaldtrump does not exist.” 

Even Google’s search engine used to locate specific handles said that the president’s account was non-existent, leading Twitter to explode with concern and outrage at the world leader’s suspension.


The story is still developing, and as of yet, President Trump has not offered any explanation for his temporary suspension from the popular social media network. Some have suspected that Twitter found the president’s Twitter to be in violation of its policies; however, Twitter’s account has not yet addressed the national concern. 

It is an interesting day when a world leader’s social media account is a topic for national concern. Technology has led humanity to live in a hyper-connected, ever-imminent global landscape, where if a prominent social or political figure goes offline for even a couple minutes, the nation is sent spiraling into hysterics. 

In somewhat related news, CEO and Founder of Gab.ai, Andrew Torba, created a Gab.ai account for President Trump is control, should he ever be banned from Twitter (which is what the world may have just witnessed, if only for a brief couple of minutes). The account is live, does not possess any photos, and only has the caption, “Reserved for Donald Trump.” You can see it here.

It is preposterous to presume that this could be a glitch of any sort, as there is an enormous amount of Twitter users with more followers and interactions than Trump’s account, and they do not see the sort of censorship or ban that has been placed on the American leader’s profile. 

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