Chelsea Manning’s Senate Run Will Ultimately Prove How Far-Left America Has Become


The infamously disgraced traitor Chelsea Manning, a male-to-female transgendered person, has decided to make a U.S. Senate run in the state of Maryland. Needless to say, “she” will be running on the Democrat Party ticket.

The idea that a leaker, traitor, and apparently mentally ill person will even be considered as a viable option to represent any State, in the Senate, is preposterous in and of itself.

The “Mental Illness” Accusation Against Trump

So many anti-Trump and never-Trumpers have attempted to prove that the Donald is unfit to serve, precisely based on what they  perceive to be a mental illness that he is suffering from. In reality, that supposed mental illness he is suffering from consists of his unabashed and unapologetic approach to destroying political correctness and destroying the old cudgel that the Left used to wield toward weak and timid Republicans for their beliefs.

The unsubstantiated claim of mental illness has clearly been “cooked up” in an attempt to delegitimize and disqualify any policy or  belief that Trump subscribes to, simply because it diverges from the world view of those who oppose and disagree with him. Nevertheless, there has always been universal agreement that mental instability does disqualify a candidate for office.

Leftists Ignore Inconvenient Facts

In the case of Chelsea Manning, though, the Democrat Party and leftists in general, are blind to the indisputable facts surrounding transgenderism, or more appropriately, gender dysphoria. This is due in part to their lack of a true moral authority, opening up morality to their subjective interpretation, mixed with their reckless pursuit to find more victims to hoist up to the hierarchy of victimhood for exploitation.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can thank the Democrat Party for allowing logic to be purged from our society’s decision-making process, giving rise to such abominations as “Chelsea Manning for U.S. Senate.”

The Broader Societal Impact

Okay, you get it. Acceptance of Chelsea Manning as a candidate is crazy, given who she is, her mental incapacity, and her crimes. However, what does the Democrat Party’s embrace of a candidate like her mean for America as a whole? To answer that question, let’s take a look at her candidate platform:

  • Open Border immigration policy. No wall, no security, no qualifying process.
  • The elimination of ICE—Immigration and Customs Enforcement. No border, so no enforcement of immigration laws.
  • Closing prisons.

If the Democrats Party embraces far-Left ideology as their mainstream party platform, then the ideals themselves will be brought further into the mainstream of everyday American life. The Democrat Party’s propaganda machine, made up of the mainstream media and Hollywood, will buy up anything their party sells, without question. Armed with that message, those institutions will go to cultural warfare against all competing ideology, capturing the low-information voter’s allegiance.

Over time, more low-information types are added, combined with the gradual bombardment of constant leftist media and Hollywood propaganda, and you have a recipe for disaster. The voting public’s opinion on far-Left policies shift in their favor, and inevitably the RINOs and weak Republicans will believe they must begin to adopt these progressive liberal principles in order to be re-elected.

We’ve Seen GOP Cowardice Before

We’ve already seen this play out with the paradigm shift in the Obamacare debate, with Republicans arguing the magnitude of socialist healthcare rather than standing on principle against it outright. Similarly, the immigration debate has already shifted Republican general consensus on how to treat those who have come here illegally. That is clearly evident based on the amount of DACA-approving members of the GOP. A couple of years ago, Republicans wouldn’t budge on DACA. Now that the politicians believe public opinion is against them, however, it’s “amnesty for all!”

Conservatives everywhere need to stand against the liberalization of the United States, which is eroding our Constitution. Principles need to be honored and injected back into the conversation, refuting the leftism that corrupts the foundational principles our country was founded upon.