It’s been an open secret for some time now that former FBI Director James Comey is a social media user. As of this morning though, its no longer a secret at all. With following a weeks worth of mysterious tweets. Comey has now seemingly openly revealed himself on the platform.

But let’s take a step back for a moment, and look at how this all went down. Following his possible username being exposed all the way back in March, the account in question had seemingly gone totally silent. Then suddenly just these past few days and likely in response to the Presidents own recent Twitter rant against him, the account sprang mysteriously back to life. At first only posting this seemingly innocent enough message.

This message was even quickly retweeted by Comey’s own longtime friend and confidant Benjamin Wittes, which you can see below. Some have since suggested the tweet in in reference to the most famous turncoat in American history Benedict Arnold. Who famously attempted to turn over to the British the fort at West Point overlooking the Hudson. 

The very next day the mysterious account returned with this message. Which people online quickly broke down to be a Civil War reference, likely specifically about the famous Alabama Brigade. 

Next up was a picture of a sunset in Iwoa. Given the states importance in Presidential elections some took it to indicate a possible run in 2020, or just that Trump’s time would be ending then.

Then came what until today at least seemed like the big one. As people almost instantly outed this as a reference to the 1993 movie Pelican Brief. A movie where the President is not allowed to run for a second term following the FBI outing him over telling the organization to back down on an investigation. Thus showing us that in his own mind at least, Comey continues to see himself as the hero trying to save us all from the evil President Trump.

Then just minutes ago, the former head of the FBI sent out one final message. This one including a clear picture of himself as well, thus publicly confirming the accounts operator. 

Ending with the clear message that he will “try to tweet in useful ways.” It’s obvious Mr. Comey intends to continue having an effect on the political discourse in this country. What exact form that will take from here on out is unclear, but for now at least, we all know where to watch. 

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