On the eve of the election, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign is finally admitting that his emails were hacked. This comes after Macron sued several journalists who reported on an offshore account Macron set up in the Carribean for the purpose of tax evasion.

Wikileaks has now confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents showing Macron’s offshore account.

Here is a link to #MacronLeaks archive.The French mainstream media has moved to shut down the leak and protect Macron. They have called any disclosure about Macron’s business dealings “propaganda.”

#MacronLeaks is the top trending hashtag in France just hours ahead of the presidential election. Current polls suggest Le Pen has closed the gap significantly after Macron made several blunders on the campaign trail. Lawsuits against journalists and Macron’s refusal to be transparent about the offshore account could ruin his chances in round two of the election.