The longest-serving active member of the House is being forced to retire in disgrace. Just the latest in the long line of men who have now fallen in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct scandal. While one might reasonably think the circumstances of Rep. Conyers retirement would easily put a stop to any attempts on his part to influence the election of his successor. In a display of either boldness or senility today the Dean of the House, has decided to play dynasty maker and promoted the idea that his son should inherit his position in the chamber. 

While not much is known about the younger Conyers, pictured above side by side with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. What we do seemingly know is that the young man seemed both fully aware and supportive of his father’s sexual predatory nature. This support clearly on display in this statement from his long since deleted personal twitter account.

The tweet, despite actually raising some eyebrows all the way back in 2010, was still more or less ignored at the time. As the sexual misconduct of our public figures wasn’t nearly the priority it is today. After all, even direct allegations made by a former employee of Conyers in 2015, weren’t enough to remove him from office at the time. It has actually only been in the past week even, that members of his own party began calling for his resignation as well. With just two weeks ago, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi still calling the man an “icon who had done a great deal to protect women.

With all this in mind, hopefully the good people of Michigan will show common sense and reject not only a candidate clearly unfit for the position, but also simply the blatant nepotism on display here. After all, Michigan just like every other state in the nation can certainly do better then the likes of Conyers and his son.

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