Yesterday was Memo day, and people were so stirred up about it that they didn’t even care if Phil saw his shadow or not. Today the conversation continues; what else are they not telling us? Apparently, David Rothschild had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the memo and so sent them to a journalist with the full expectation that she would comply with his demands and spread the liberal narrative. Controlled media. Elite establishment. Those are no longer just memes or crazy conspiracy theories. We live in a world where everything you say can and most definitely will be recorded and released to the public. David Rothschild is a prime example of this. See the screenshot below:

Rothschild deleted a Tweet which he intended to be sent through direct messaging. Once he deleted it, he obviously still DMd it because not long after the fact, Julia Loffe (a staff writer for the Atlantic) posted about the same exact thing, granted there are word placement changes as well as some additional content. For years people have known about controlled media, but nobody cared to listen because back then there were not as many ways to prove it. Now we have screenshots and social media, everything we do is open to the public. People such as the Rothschild’s and the Clinton campaign have always been known for their tendencies to turn towards corruption, and before they were able to hide it. Now, there’s nowhere to hide and the truth is being exposed. 

Julia Loffe’s Tweet which reads, “Some things the Nunes Memo does not explain away: 1) The hack of DNC servers by 2 Russian intelligence agencies 2) George Papadopoulos’s contacts with the Russians 3) Michael Flynn’s negotiations with the Russian ambassador 4) the Trump Tower meeting 5) Firing Comey” is nearly parallel to Rothschild’s list of demands which reads, “Thing to discuss w/ memo: 1) Russians hacking DNC and Podesda (I think he means Podesta) and handing over to Wikileaks. 2)Jr., Jared, and Manafort discussing stolen data with Russian agents and Wikileaks. 3) Flynn undermining Obama foreign policy and being a foreign agent as NSA. 4) Manafort working for free.     

“The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.” The memo states in its final paragraph. Was it not enough for them to know that Papadopoulos had information on Russia (they had Clinton emails) and was arrested for lying to the FBI? Did Rothschild just not read the entire memo? 

If you needed that extra ounce of proof that the Rothschild’s control the media among other things, here it is. Until we can fully acknowledge the problem, the reign of corruption will continue.