Is the Deep State Priming Us For A Presidential Assassination?


(This article was co-authored by Chris Edwards)

Less than three months into his first term in office, Ronald Reagan’s presidency was looking pretty unimpressive. His approval ratings, according to Gallup, were modestly mediocre, as he enjoyed only 74% approval from his own party, almost 50% support from independents, and about 30% of Democrat support.
The events of March 30th of 1981, his 70th day in office, would change the trajectory of his presidency, and subsequently, that of the country.
Jodie Foster enthusiast John Hinckley Jr., in a failed assassination attempt, elevated President Ronald Reagan to folk hero status and paved the way for this political outsider to be carried on the subsequent goodwill to the major accomplishment of his first term.

The United States at that time still had a vivid memory of the JFK assassination less than 28 years earlier, and was still horrified at the thought of something like that ever happening again.
Although Reagan did not enjoy the legendary status afforded to Kennedy, he was able to transform public perception of himself as a survivor of an almost deadly attack and parlay that perception into one of the most lopsided electoral landslides in US history in 1984.

Today in the Trump era, things have definitely changed. It’s cool to talk about killing the President, or really anybody that you disagree with politically. We see an almost daily incessant drumbeat of assassination chatter from mainstream news outlets, celebrities, Twitter pundits, and other public figures.
Recently, Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump image, and the death of Trump as Julius Caesar in a New York Shakespeare production are the latest in an assassination talk frenzy. And let’s not forget about Madonna wishing to blow up the White House on Inauguration Day. Or how about Eddie Griffin urging his audience to “take him out” a couple of months ago? These are just a few examples of the tidal wave of assassination threats against President Trump within the last few months, and I expect more of these in the future.
These repeated Trump death wishes being broadcast on a daily basis are akin to the Deep State cultists attempting to conjure another John Hinckley Jr. to heed the clarion call and carry out their darkest wishes. This morning’s shootings in Virginia make it pretty clear that this strategy is working for them, and it’s scary to think about where else this assassination frenzy will take us.
Leftist Twitter, as one would expect, wasted no time in blaming the victims and rationalizing violence.

Here’s a great one by black leftist buffoon pundit Tariq Nasheed:

Or another one from the Washington Post nu-male Malcolm Harris, whose original tweet has since been deleted:

In 2017 America, it is the desire of the Deep State to normalize the absurd. With each imagined Trump death scenario portrayed by so called artists and applauded by a slobbering mainstream media cashing in on stupid leftist stunts and shock value, the population becomes more numb and accepting of such an event should it occur.
This media psy-op has dangerous consequences, as we saw today, but it’s not surprising after months of being told that we just elected literally Hitler.
No, Trump is nowhere near the Hitler that the left has convinced themselves that he is, but as Dilbert creator Scott Adams warned us a few months ago, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.