It would seem as if the redpills are going around strong as of late. As just weeks after Nigel Farage made headlines by suggesting Jews had a dangerous level of control over American politics and media. The President himself has now unleashed a tweet storm that has triggered just about every possible type of Leftist imaginable. With America’s leader once again calling out the mainstream media as being pushers of “fake news” and even going so far as to bring up the long standing rumors of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough being involved in the murder of a female intern.

Taking a look at the Liberal press today, it would be easy to think the only thing Trump tweeted out in the past few days was a series of videos showing what they they claim to be racially insensitive footage against Muslims. Despite their seeming outrage however, what the President tweeted out was in fact incredibly mild compared to most of the genuinely horrific images of violence and other troubling Islamic based behavior readily available online. The kind of which most American’s still sadly remain blissfully ignorant to.

Whether or not simply retweeting these video’s with no further context really constituted the President being “racist” or not is something I will leave up to the many others already debating the issue. As despite the continued Islamification of the world being an incredibly important topic, that certainly deserves this rare moment of public attention. The President also tweeted out an equally important revelation that by and large is being oddly overlooked.

On November 29th 2017, the President of the United States of America, confirmed openly the existence of an American Deep State shadow government. A fact that should in all reasonable cases instantly end the debate as to the existence of the Deep State, as who is more qualified to comment on the topic then the man who most U.S. intelligence briefings are written for? Yet despite this, the likes of CNN seem determined to act like Trump is the equivalent of Alex Jones in terms of authority on the topic. As they have already published articles blasting the President for pushing what they continue to call a “sinister conspiracy theory.”

While mentioned previously by former administration staffers Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon, this marks the first time the President himself has used the controversial term. As it’s sadly obvious Liberals will simply choose to ignore this confirmation from a man completely in a position to know the truth of the matter. The real question now becomes whether any real efforts will be made to fully drain the swamp and remove these institutionalized Left leaning elements of the bureaucracy and intelligence community. 

Image result for garrison deep stateFor the moment it seems like the President is content to focus on the upcoming tax cut vote soon set to occur. A vote which he hopes will help ensure the continuation of the current record setting economic boom. Once the tax issue is settled however, it maybe time to put some renewed pressure back on the President to really drain the Deep Swamp once and for all. 

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