Soros Affiliates Have Donated to the Most Powerful Republicans in Congress


George Soros

The Claim:

Left-wing billionaire George Soros provided campaign cash to former or present “Never Trump” GOP establishment politicians such as House Speaker Paul Ryan in the 2016 election cycle.

The Verdict:

Globalist, open-borders moneyman, and Hillary Clinton fan George Soros reportedly picks up the tab for many progressive think tanks and social justice activist groups.

These front organizations promote a collectivist agenda in an attempt to undermine and destabilize the U.S. Most of the money flows from the billionaire’s Open Society Foundation.  Soros allegedly also bankrolls many of the spontaneous and often violent anti-Trump protests around the country.

But now there is evidence he is connected to money given to congressional Republicans.

In an allegation that gained traction on the Internet after Breitbart News studied donation records complied by the Center for Responsive Politics at, some Trump supporters concluded that George Soros was directly funding the GOP Establishment.

There is data to support that Soros affiliates fund the most powerful Republicans in Congress including Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham. 

It turns out that some individual executives of the hedge fund Soros Fund Management in their private capacity donated to Republican candidates in the last election cycle, but not Soros himself. In total, the Soros employees gave about $37,000 to GOP office seekers, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what Soros people donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats across the country.

Republican Connections to George Soros

Paul Ryan, whose relationship with Trump has been hot and cold, received $10,800 in Soros-connected cash, while Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, both Trump presidential rivals in the 2016 cycle, received $3,500 and $2,700, respectively.

Sen. John McCain, a Trump foe, pocketed $2,500. Never Trump GOP governors John Kasich of Oho and Jeb “low energy” Bush, both of whom were failed presidential candidates, banked $2,700 each.

A spokesman for the South Carolina Senator told Breitbart, however, that “George Soros has never given a penny to Lindsey Graham. These are donations from individuals who are employed by Soros Fund Management.”

Similarly, a Rubio rep told the news outlet that “This story is a fake. Senator Rubio has never received any contribution from George Soros. And he has never received any contribution from the Soros company because, among other things, companies can’t donate to federal candidates.” disagrees with the Rubio rep. The fact is that Rubio and other Republicans did accept Soros-connected donations and are allowed to return the money if they foresee a conflict of interest. One would think that Rubio and his peers would do so, yet they haven’t.

Despite this fact, the liberal website Mediaite insisted the the Soros money claim does not hold up to scrutiny:

According to the same publicly available source, Bernie Sanders received $1,697 in individual contributions from employees of Koch Industries. By Breitbart’s standards, Sanders is in the pocket of the Koch Brothers. Suffice it to say, he’s not; the Kochs just employ a guy who likes Bernie Sanders, because mature adults can disagree with their co-workers.”

We call on Republicans to simply return the money that was donated by Soros groups or affiliates to remedy the controversy at hand.

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