Farewell, John McCain! Warmonger, Vietnamese Sympathizer, Deep State Politican


John McCain is finally dying. Interestingly enough, this all happens around the time that he is supposed to testify before Congress.

Trump also announced today that the CIA is going to stop arming Syrian Rebels, something McCain has been advocating for several years now, along with other war hawks in the Establishment.

John McCain’s family has a history with the Navy and Deep State. McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain II, headed an official “court of inquiry” into Israel’s military assault on the U.S.S. Liberty, 8 June 1967, and he ruled that Israel had erred in having slaughtered 34 U.S. sailors.

McCain also fought in the Vietnam War. When captured, McCain was eager to collaborate with the enemy; somehow this makes him a war hero. Of course, he also had an easy time in prison because the Vietnamese knew who his Father was. Having an Admiral for a Father also helps when you crash a plane on a joy ride in Spain and kill 134 people. Another highlight not mentioned by the Lamestream Media.

McCain played an active role in leaving behind POW in Vietnam. He also oppressed any claims about this matter, and the Lamestream Media is there to back him up.

Despite participating in brutal wars and a few hundred people due to negligence, McCain was always very eager to support any regime changes or war efforts. Actions that do not seem to match up with someone who experienced the horrors of war.

John McCain has been a staple of the Deep State for so long. His policies have not helped the people of the USA in any way. Is McCain responsible for any initiatives that have impacted the people positively? All he has to show is war mongering and promoting the military industrial complex.

Our public servants can indulge in a high-class lifestyle, not only at the expense of the taxpayer’s money, but their interests which are sold out to lobbyists. McCain is a prime example of this racket.

There are others of course on both sides: Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, The Clintons, Paul Ryan, etc. Despite the Ds and Rs, they play for the same team against the people. This pay-to-play scheme launders money through charitable foundations and non-profit organizations. The most famous case of this, is The Clinton Foundation, coinciding with Bill Clinton’s Wife’s stint as the Head of the State Department, where she over saw the distribution of billions of dollars in foreign aid, as well as signing over 20% of our Uranium to Russia. McCain is also involved with similar parties through his foundation like the Saudi Royal Family, Soros, and other members of the Deep State.

Looking back at John McCain’s history as a member of the armed forces and a public servant, it’s easy to see that his focus was never on the American People. Hopefully, there are some nationalist orientated incumbents in the coming special election.