Do you love watching super hero movies or TV shows? I do, and I’m especially obsessed with The Flash right now. In this series, a young man named Barry Allen acquires the ability to run at speeds faster than humanly possible. With his power, he goes around saving the world and stopping bad guys with the help of his loyal friends. Also in this show, they incorporate the idea that there is more than one universe. Many times throughout the series, they will get visits from people in earth two. So far, the amount of earths in the multiverse seem to be infinite.

But this is just a fictional TV show, and it’s highly unlikely that something like this exists in real life. Hillary Clinton doesn’t think so though; in an interview with Now This, she dives into what life would be like in another dimension.

Clinton says she wants to be friends with North Korea

Nico Pintey, Now This political director, started off by saying, “People joke about earth two, where you are president.” Hillary sat up excitedly in her seat, this was her opportunity to make a fool out of herself once again. When Pintey questioned what she would be doing on this “earth two”, Hillary’s eyes opened wide and she leaned forward. “You know, we may have just found it!” She repeated the line once again with even more enthusiasm.

She was then asked what she would do concerning the threat of North Korea. According to her, North Korea wouldn’t even be a threat. Why? Because they would just send a great deal of diplomats who could speak their language and know their history as well as their culture. That would definitely solve everything. “Kim Jong-un! I am diplomat from United States! Please, no blow us up! We worship you and fully believe that you never use bathroom. You alone are God.” I heard more of a Russian accent when I wrote that, but I think this is what Hillary Clinton pictures happening in her mind. “Ah! Okay! You understand our culture! We no blow you up.” This is direct quote from the North Korean dictator, only it’s on earth two where logic doesn’t exist.

They continued by touching on a few other topics like gun control and the opioid crisis. To those, she answered that she would take away everybody’s guns and tell all those teenagers and young adults not to do drugs anymore. Well okay, she had a more long winded and political way of saying this, but she might as well have said all that.

Finally, when Pintey was told that they needed to wrap things up, Clinton begged to be asked one more question, saying that she would keep things short. She added that she “liked being on earth two.”

The final question was Russia. She said, “We’ve gotta get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. If I had been president, or on earth two where I am, I would have an independent commission with subpoena power because if we don’t get to the bottom of it, it’s going to keep happening.” Then, the two shook hands and Hillary added once more, “Let’s go to earth two!” 

Is Hillary Clinton living in a fantasy world? Does she need medication? Let’s have a conversation.

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