It’s a meme as old as time; Hillary Clinton dresses like Kim Jong-un, her name is actually “Hitlery Clinton,” and she’s the child of Satin all in one. But this time, Clinton really is living up to her dictatorish ways. Harvard University has “chosen” (definitely no backroom deals here…) Clinton to receive a medal for her “Transformative Impact On Society.” The award is scheduled to be presented to her on Friday as part of the school’s graduation-week activities. Fox reports, 

Organizers at Harvard say Clinton was chosen for the award because she’s a “champion for human rights,” a “skilled legislator” and “an advocate of American leadership” on the world stage.

Former Secretary of State and 2001 Radcliffe Medalist Madeleine Albright will deliver a personal tribute to Clinton, and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey will take part in a keynote conversation with her Friday at the school in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Most would disagree that she’s a “champion for human rights,” because it seems like the only person she advocates for is herself. With whispers of hidden emails still echoing through the halls, among numerous other scandals that would take at least fifty more articles to dive into, Hillary is no champion of person’s other than herself and perhaps her equally corrupt family. 

Why does Hillary feel as if she needs more achievements? Is it to compensate for her lack of victory during the 2016 presidential election? Her obsession with public recognition is something a creepy dictator would strive for, and the only people who really appreciate her efforts are Social Justice Warriors who only root for her because she is a woman. 

Hillary is the least deserving of this award. Why give this medal to literally any politician other than her? She hasn’t done much for women as far as that’s concerned, and dozens of other politicians have actually contributed to women’s rights an equality. 

This is just another example of Clinton pay-offs and backroom deals. If you have enough money and power, you can have anything you want, regardless of if you’ve earned it or not.     

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