H.R. McMaster ARCIC 2014.jpgThe American people voted for Trump largely in the support of his openly Pro-American stance and promise to fight our enemies.  So with that in mind why is one of those enemies now sitting in the White House partially in control of keeping us safe?  I speak of course of current U.S National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

We elected a President who we thought might for the first time in 16 years be brave enough to directly name who the real enemy is.  Now we have somehow found ourselves with a National Security Advisor blatantly unwilling to do just this.  In a telling NY Times article simply called H.R. McMaster Breaks With Administration on Views of Islam, it states “In his language, General McMaster is closer to the positions of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Both took pains to separate acts of terrorism from Islamic teaching.”

If you need further proof that the man now meant to be advising the President on potential threats to America is at best blind to the real threat, or at worst openly sympathetic to them. Keep in mind the following.  The first is the fact that apparently McMaster is more an expert on the true nature of Islam then life time practitioners willing to die for it. As shortly after accepting the appointment McMaster took the time to inform his staff “that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are simply perverting their religion.”  In fact our new National Security Advisor seems rather obsessed with reminding everyone what a religion of peace Islam really is.  He has also gone on record stating the label of “radical Islamic terrorism was not helpful because terrorists are Un-Islamic.”  I find it ironic that this white American general seems to think he knows what is and isn’t Islamic more than the fighters of ISIS, who base their entire existence around the faith.

While there are many factors pointing to the fact that McMaster is an enemy of the administration such as,

The fact that former NSC officials have said, “Everything the president wants to do, McMaster opposes.

The fact he has the total approval of the leader of the Trump hating Bush Era remnant NeoCon faction, John McCain.

The fact he has openly shielded the enemies of Trump such as Susan Rice.

The fact he has called Israel an illegitimate occupying power.

The fact he has multiple links to globalist George Soros.

What I believe is still the most important matter to call attention to is McMasters troubling views on the nature of ISIS and Islam in general. Just like Obama, McMaster openly fails to recognize or admit the Islamic faith based nature of Muslim violence.  He does not want to admit the unpleasant truth that ISIS is a religious movement first and foremost, and one with a long and bloody history of fighting Western Civilization.

This is a man who has already done what many liberals had joked was impossible and made Trump of all people start worrying about who he may be offending.  Thanks to McMaster our man who was supposed to tell it like it is, now is taking steps to not offend the enemy just like his two immediate predecessors did.  An act that keep in mind the very man that McMaster has replaced in this position General Michael Flynn stated, was aiming to “dumb us down”.

McMaster’s predecessor Flynn was also fond of stating that one could not be Islamophobic.  Because that implied an irrational fear of Islam, and there is much rational reason to fear it and a large number of its adherents.

Here is the video in question the former National Security Advisor shared.

We have gone from a man who stated the importance of calling out radical Islam at every chance possible to someone who literally goes out of his way to block even former Muslims from speaking out against the faith. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali born former Muslim who has become an outspoken critic of the faith, and regularly triggers Western Liberal’s by pointing out the many horrific realities of modern Islam.

Last week she had been scheduled to present a paper on Radical Islamic Terror to the National Security Council before she was blocked by H.R. McMaster and his newly appointed Director of Counter-Terrorism, Mustafa Javed Ali.  She was also barred from visiting with the President during her stop to the White House.  Sources have indicated that she was blocked from speaking because McMaster’s appointee believes her to be Islamaphobic.

If you want to get a better idea of the types of criticisms of Islam that McMaster and friends were so terrified of letting into the conversation, check out this great interview she did with Dave Rubin just a few months back.

It’s not just visitors being barred from the White House now though for criticizing Islam. Important parts of the team Trump put into place upon taking the office are now being given their pink slips for engaging in wrong-think. A prime example being the widely discussed fact McMaster opted to fire the by all accounts incredibly talented military strategist Rich Higgins for writing a memo critical of radical Islam.

While people like Ayaan and Higgin’s are now no longer welcome inside the White House, McMaster has ensured women like Dina Habib-Powell are. This new Deputy National Security Advisor is actually an ex-Bush White House aide, who also happens to be close personal friends to Hilary’s chief advisor Huma Abedin. While her friends among both neocon and globalist circles are troubling, it’s her ties to extreme Islam that are even more so. This is a woman who has shared a holy dinner with Muslim Brotherhood members. People like her are being put in place inside the administration as fast as McMaster can seemingly manage, at ever increasing numbers.

Islam has been at war with the Western World since its inception.  The only difference between now and then, is increasingly our leaders are opting to aid and abed the enemy instead of fighting them.  We elected Trump hoping this would be different, but if McMaster is allowed to stay, it looks like we will truly just be in for more of the same.


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