Four years ago our now President Trump took to twitter to say this.

Now four hours ago he took to twitter once again to post this.

Not only is the Donald suddenly for raising the debt ceiling yet again without first implementing any meaningful reforms. He is even going so far as to advocate shadily attaching it to another bill just in hopes of getting it passed all the quicker! This is the same man who in the Obama era used to love attacking our sky high national debt.

Now suddenly Trump is advocating that we must crush all principled Republican resistance to raising the debt ceiling?  Wasn’t it supposed to be the liberal alarmists panicking over this issue, not a Republican President? 

To be blunt, Trump is wrong on this issue.  It’s beyond time we cut up Big Government’s credit card, and returned to some semblance of fiscal sanity. Keep in mind our current national debt is over 19.8 Trillion dollars, which comes out to around $60,956 per taxpayer.  We are all living in a nation where our debt is now at 550% percent of annual federal tax revenue and 103% of the yearly gross domestic product. 

For years as a civilian, the now President spoke out advocating ending this same type of fiscal irresponsibility. Now as the leader of our nation he suddenly advocates for it?

It’s important to remember that forcing this issue is not the Doomsday scenario alarmists would have you believe. In fact the last time that Republicans grew a backbone on this issue during the so called debt-ceiling crisis of 2011 it ended in a number of positive results for the nation. Including leading to a reduction in Federal spending for 3 straight years, the seeming first and last time in modern memory this has happened. 

We can accomplish this again, but only if we hold firm and demand a balanced budget amendment along with reforms to our multitude of entitlement programs that are trillions short.  Now more then ever we must remind the President that he himself was against this type of thing only a few short years ago.

Anyone that believes in personal liberty, and the benefits of a smaller government, needs to be willing to call out the President for his sudden reversal on the issue. That includes many of his own supporters, who need to remember you can still support the President and acknowledge when he is making a mistake.  For now its more important then ever we show the GOP leadership that it’s own voting base is behind principled small government leaders like Rand Paul. Who is once again leading the fight to stop this madness


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