While on the surface level our northern neighbors often come across as a nation full of liberals united in their love of all things “Progressive”. Peer underneath the surface, however, and it quickly becomes obvious that many Canadians aren’t near as happy living under Supreme Leader Trudeau as their government would like the world to think. The latest proof of this comes from internal data gathered by no less than the countries own Immigration Department. Whose latest report to senior Federal Government leaders warned that Canadian support of immigration drops decisively when the government makes the official immigration figures public.

To put this more plainly, when the average Canadian learns just how many foreigners their country is bringing in every year, they tend to instantly adopt an increased Anti-Immigration stance. The worst part of this reveal, however, is how the government has decided to react to this fact. With its leadership instead of considering a change in policy to better match the will of its own citizens, instead internally discussing how best to keep this information from them. The voice of the people be damned it seems, if it gets in the way of the Globalist agenda.

All this comes from an internal report prepared by the immigration department for a committee of senior deputy ministers. A report in which the Federal Government was warned that they needed to take a more, “cautious approach to publicly debating immigration.” As increased information regarding the topic becoming available to the general population led in their expert opinions, to a higher chance for a so-called Anti-Immigration “tipping point” occurring. In which the majority of the country would turn against the nation’s current open-door immigration policies.

This stunning attempt at a government cover-up has only even come to light thanks to an Access to Information Act request. The Canadian equivalent to our own Freedom of Information Act, a law that our own Federal Government all too often illegally chooses to ignore. Another interesting bit of information taken from the report is just how bitterly conflicted Canadians already are on the topic. After all, it’s hardly a wonder the Immigration Department is terrified of a potential Anti-Immigration “tipping point” occurring, when you consider that the nation is already apparently divided at just around 50 percent on the issue both ways.

This 50 percent number is hardly telling of the actual situation though, as the vast majority of those polled believed the yearly immigration numbers to be less than half of the actual over a quarter of a million they really are. In fact, when informed of the real numbers, the number of people who stated the amount was too high jumped significantly. For now, the question becomes how this increasing Anti-Immigration sentiment in Canada will affect the reelection chances of the current Ultra-Liberal Prime Minister Trudeau. Especially given that he has made an ever increasing open-door immigration policy a cornerstone of his political platform.

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