Impeaching Trump is all we’ve been hearing across the airwaves for the past several weeks. But why?

Because that was the plan of American Bridge and Media Matters for America.

Despite suffering a heart attack and almost dying, David Brock appears to have organized a substantial effort to infiltrate the media presence both online and on television. Here is a leaked document showing the master plan of Brock and the organizations he is working with.


Already, we are seeing some of the goals outlined in this document coming to fruition including a top objective of impeaching Trump.

Each of the four entities named appears to have different responsibilities in their crusade to bring down the right. MMFA will target ‘disinformation,’ Shareblue will innundate social media to sow dissension, CREW will act as an ethics and watchdog group, and American Bridge will act as opposition research and, apparently, lead the charge of impeaching Trump. 

impeaching trump

impeaching trump

The document admits that “traditional news outlets are dying” and that “their traditional business models have been decimated over the past 20 years as their audiences have fallen, competitors have grown, and advertising revenue has plummeted.”

The goals of these organizations is to increase research, punish complacency, neutralize government disinformation, and “innovate” against fake news and propaganda. 

The document highlights the alleged successes of MMFA and the other three organizations against Republicans and the right. These include that American Bridge was instrumental in promoting a successful primary challenge to Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, that they drove up a negative perception of the Koch Brothers, and that they “derailed” Rudy Giuliani’s cabinet nomination. 

The document also states that the organizations will pursue collective litigation against the Trump administration. This will be directed by CREW. They will file everything from FOIA requests to lawsuits, similar to how Judicial Watch functions. The document invites Judicial Watch, which is conservative group, to “hold this administration accountable.”

One section of the document brags about spending a stunning $35 million in September 2016 to attack the Trump Foundation, which clearly was a strategy that didn’t work. Thus, we aren’t entirely sure why they are boasting about it.

Breitbart is specifically named several times and appears to be the number one target of these four entities. In fact, there is an entire section called “The Antidote to Breitbart” where they argue that MMFA and American Bridge ‘news’ needs to show a “willingness to engage in partisan content.” It also claims that Shareblue will take responsibility as the “digital attacker” of right-wing media like Breitbart. 

Lastly, the document humorously claims that “Hillary Clinton is one of the most ethical (and lied about) political leaders in America,” a piece of fake news that was widely rejected by the American public during the 2016 election. While we can laugh, the threat of these organizations to free speech and freedom of the press is very real and must be taken seriously.