By trying so very hard to avoid a Le Pen presidency, who has been likened to “French Trump,” French voters seem to have put into power what some voices have decried as a “French Hitler.” 

Or at least, that is what French President Emmanuel Macron’s latest legislative actions would have his country believe. It is somewhat ironic, that in France’s dramatic efforts to oppose Marine Le Pen in the wake of the 2016 American presidential elections, Macron has executed precisely that which French voters sought to dispel. Since Macron’s election to the French presidency, he has executed a number of political orders that voters may find particularly antithetical to liberalism. 

Under Macron, the French government has recently worked to set up a new tax department specifically to target and investigate tax evasion by French Jews. Such a degree of targeted investigations towards an entire nationality or race is typically unprecedented. According to the Jerusalem Post, “The French department was established to handle French Jewish tax evaders, and hired employees with professional experience and a profound understanding of Israeli law in order to examine whether Jews were using these laws to evade tax in France. The aim of the department is to catch French tax evaders using Israel as a tax shelter.” 

Additionally, Macron has held firm to a staunch immigration policy since his election. Macron said in a speech in July in Orleans before a group of new citizens that he wanted people “off the streets, out of the woods” by the end of 2017, and that he “want[s] emergency lodgings everywhere.” With the allowance of controversial ID verifications at emergency shelters and Macron’s insistence on removing migrants from public areas, the French president is not the glimmering beacon of social centrism that some voters thought him to be

Macron has also renamed the French “Ministry of Defense” to the “Ministry of the Armies,” and has made it evident that he intends to return France to its former glory as international militant superpower. 

Macron has also waged a type of war on the mainstream media, opting to borrow tactics from the Communist poker player and communications expert, Jacques Pilha, who also aided the late François Mitterrand, the leader of the Socalist Party and dominator of French politics in the ’80s. Mitterand has been nicknamed, “The Sphinx,” due to his prolonged sessions of public silence. 

According to Bloomberg, “Pilhan’s central idea was that a leader must remain above the political fray. In the French lexicon, that’s become known as the Jupiter approach – the president is like the king of the gods who fires lightning bolts down to Earth, impressing voters with carefully crafted images and just a few words of wisdom.”

From the few public words we have been graced by the French leader, African women have been singled out as a cause of South Africa’s inhumanely low GDP: 

“The challenge of Africa is completely different, it is much deeper… One of the essential challenges of Africa… one of the countries that has seven or eight children born to each woman, you can choose to spend thousands of euros, but you will stabilize nothing.”

With the above context, Macron is indeed an interesting fellow, as he identifies as a political centrist while simultaneously pleasing the political desires of far-right voters, whose candidate lost the recent election. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the strong yet silent Macron is his defense of the dead French monarchy. 

In an interview recorded in the book Macron par Macron, the French leader details his regret over the absence of monarchism in France. Some have taken his words to infer that Macron is a crypto-fascist, biding his time to issue a revolution to usher in a new era of the Macron Dynasty; however, it is more likely that he is simply referring to the power vacuum (which nobody wanted) caused by the death of Napoléon III, a topic that is commonly debated in France. 

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