The Manafort indictment just keeps getting stranger. Despite supposedly being in the works for some time, and reviewed by a number of high ranking officials before public release. An odd number of seeming issues with the document are now coming to the surface. Including most recently, the fact that the formal document contains what should have been an easily identifiable factual mistake. In this case that it claims Yulia Tymoshenko to have once served as the President of Ukraine. A fact that just simply isn’t true. See for yourself the line in question taken from the indictment here below.

In the Ukraine just like in Russia and many other European countries. The office of Prime Minister and President are two separate entities, with different powers and responsibilities. The women in question here Yulia, actually served as Prime Minister of Ukraine and not as President as the indictment claims. At the very minimum this error clearly displays the lack of intelligence and factual research that went into crafting this supposedly legally binding document. 

Image result for Yulia Tymoshenko
10th and 13th Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko

As ever, Liberal politicians along with the mainstream press are proving nothing but eager to condemn a former Trump associate as guilty of a crime, despite that man not yet having his day in court. Regardless of whether or not Manafort ultimately turns out to be found guilty of his alleged crimes. The fact his indictment contains such basic errors, the type of which any High School student would be able to spot with a quick Wikipedia check, doesn’t bode well for how well the charges overall will hold up in front of a real judge. One can hope that when it’s time for the actual trial, a little more effort and care will go into the basic research and fact checking. 

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