The inauguration of Barrack H. Obama to the United States presidency marks an historical event in American history. For the first time since its founding, the United States had a president whom the progressive left could herald as a hallmark on their success. For many, it was a sign that the pendulum of socio-political ideology had swung relatively far to the left in the United States. As the first African-American President of the United States, minorities worldwide felt a sense of empowerment and progress in the increasingly “us and them” mentality.

For leftists, the many reforms introduced by Obama were a sign of the United States moving in a progressive direction. Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank reform, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the radical promotion of inclusiveness and tolerance for the LGBT movement are mark a significant turning point in American history. 

However, as all U.S. presidencies, Obama’s eventually came to an end as Donald. J Trump won over the electoral college and was won the title of President of the United States. But many are wholly unwilling to acknowledge the reality that President emeritus Obama is no longer in a federal position of powerful control over the socio-political landscape of the modern world. For many, Obama represented a worldview of tolerance, progressiveness, and “hope,” and too many are unwilling to let his leftist legacy fade away into the history books. 

The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, a Texan magnet secondary school for boys, dedicated to Obama in 2011.

On April 24, 2017, Obama made his first post-presidential appearance before the world in a forum-styled discussion at the University of Chicago. In this appearance, he has opted to make little to no mention of his Republican successor, and this is likely out of respect for George W. Bush offering this same honor. Several weeks later, Obama made a joint appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel where radical “inclusion” was encouraged by both figures as a positive influence on society. On June 1, Obama expressed profound disagreement with President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, stating that America had chosen to “reject the future.” 

After his presidency, it is clear that Obama has opted to continue a career in activism, so to speak, and has only further grounded his role as a type of leader among minorities and Social Justice Warriors. The recently deposed national leader has never been quiet about his support for Islam and multiculturalism: 

“We now have proposals from the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States to bar all Muslims from immigrating to America. We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence,” (source).

Obama clearly has strong opinion on socio-political issues that he has chosen to progress even after his rise to and fall from political power. But, at least he knows that he isn’t the leader of the United States anymore… right?

According to ex-presidential aide Dick Morris, Barrack Obama and several other prominent anti-Trump socio-political leaders have begun to conspire against Trump’s presidency. In one of Morris’s video, he claims, 

There is indication that Obama has set up a secret operation in a war room just about two miles from the White House where Michelle has her offices and so do many of the former aids to Obama. They meet there and they have a twice daily conference call at 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM every morning. And they develop talking points for the media for the day to sabotage and undermine President Trump. It’s a war room. It’s just like in the middle of a campaign. The campaign never stopped. All of the key players are on that conference call.” 

If Morris is to be taken as a credible source, then the above statement means something significant for the contemporary liberal-conservative paradigm. If Obama still believes that he has a personal responsibility to lead the liberal American populace into a civil war against Trump and his loyalists, then we are looking at civil war approaching rather quickly. It is not secret that Obama has a considerable amount of supporters, having been elected to the presidential office twice. Even after retiring, some of his supporters mourned the fact that he was unable to run for a third term. 

American President Barrack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, two of the world’s most influential leaders of the multiculturalist agenda.

It is not a shocking possibility that globalist world leaders could conspire together to overthrow the rule of Trump, as such a theory has been put forward already by Info Wars. “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” joked Hollywood actor Johnny Depp in 2017, “Maybe it’s time.”

The Hollywood elite, who inexplicably hold a sort of control over the general American populace, generally possess liberal leanings, and many supported the presidency of Obama. Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johannson, Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Robert Downey, Jr., Will Smith, and numerous others have expressed endorsement and support for the campaign and activism of Obama. 

However, Trump received the endorsement of Chuck Norris in July 2016, so make of that what you will. 

A civil war is rapidly approaching, provided that the information provided by ex-presidential aide Dick Morris is accurate. A deeply divided country, specifically one that is divided on foundational social issues such as gender and sexuality, nationalism, race, and even the role of the government is inevitably going to implode in a blast of instability. The United States may very well be beyond the point of no return; however, the newest generation of leaders, activists, and workers are proving to be some of the most conservative young men and women in the last century. A war room cannot help the Obama Administration if the newest generation is dead-set on eradicating his legacy of progressive sociological implementations and globalist agenda. In closing, it is important to be prepared for something big with news like this.