Joe Biden on Hillary’s loss: “…Hillary was at a disadvantage, there was a double standard because she’s a woman…”

Hillary's loss

Joe Biden uses another liberal talking point to claim that Americans are sexist and that’s why Hillary lost to President Trump in the presidential election. Hillary’s loss was because of sexism according to Biden.

This tired liberal tactic hasn’t seemed to lose any steam no matter the inaccuracy of the statement.

Biden proceeds to discuss how “personal” Trump made the campaign and summed it up by saying he didn’t spend time talking about policy.

There are may reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the election, sexism isn’t one of them.

Firstly, there are more women than men in the US. 42% of women who voted in the US Presidential Election 2016 voted for Trump.

Next, Trump won the Hispanic vote by 21 points. He won that demographic 58%-37%. He also won 8% of the black vote which is the more by than the overly liberal Romney.

Hillary Clinton spent her time as the Secretary of State embroiled in scandal and investigations. She treasonously put classified emails on a private email server, she didn’t respond to the cries of help from the embassy in Benghazi, not to mention the Clinton Foundation debacle.

This is the same woman who called Trump supporters deplorable and laughed at a victim of child rape in a courtroom. Hillary even coerced people like Juanita Broaddick to stay silent while her husband rose through the ranks of the political ladder.

Then factor in the American people’s disdain for the mainstream media and you have a whole system oppressing Hillary. She had CNN and all media outlets cutting off dissenters and influencing voters by saying Trump had no chance of beating her.

Clinton drove herself to the loss. The sexism that Biden is mentioning had no influence on the election. It was all that Hillary did, not her being a woman. It wasn’t sexist when she lost the primaries to Obama.
Sexism did nothing to stop Hillary.