Seemingly not wanting to be overtaken by Sweden as the most “progressive” friendly nation in the world. Canadian Prime Minister, and beloved SJW icon Justin Trudeau. Will at the end of this month be taking to the stage to issue a formal apology for what his office is calling, the historic discrimination by the Canadian Government and people against the LGBTQ2S+ community.

The event will occur at Parliament Hill and is sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual diversity. The formal apology by the Canadian leader is actually the culmination of a ten year plus campaign from the Centre demanding an apology. Proving once again that in Canada at least, if a small minority complains loud enough, for long enough, they always get their way in the end.

As if the entire event wasn’t socially progressive enough already, the Canadian government is also offering up travel subsidies for low income citizens who would like to attend. Meaning that taxpayer dollars will be used to fly out poor Gay and Trans Canadian’s to hear their own leader apologize for crimes that largely remain unclear and non-existent. Of course if you aren’t from a low income family, you may still attend this historic “formal apology” if you choose to pay money. Because in a stunning example of self parody, Canadians are now at the point of not only celebrating, but paying for the privilege of watching their leaders apologize. 

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