Judicial Watch Sues for Transcripts to the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting


Judicial Watch, an aggressive, conservative educational foundation, has sued the federal government for release of transcripts related to the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is best known for suing Hillary Clinton and the government on multiple occasions concerning the sketchy details of her email server. 

In June 2016, at the height of the FBI investigation into Hillary’s server, Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch — then the Attorney General of the United States — on a Phoenix airport tarmac. Timing was everything. Just a few days after their meeting, Hillary was to testify about her emails to FBI detectives. This caused an uproar from the public. Lynch sought to quell the anger by offering a flimsy, and quite unbelievable, explanation.

Lynch famously said that the two met to discuss “grandchildren” and “golf,” a claim that was immediately accepted by CNN and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). Schumer stated about Lynch:

She’s an honorable person, we know that. She has said nothing was discussed related to the investigation. So you have two choices — to say this didn’t matter or she’s lying. I think it didn’t matter. I don’t think she’s lying.”

Roughly a week after the tarmac hookup, FBI Director James Comey announced that Hillary was off the hook.

Tom Fitton believes the meeting is tied in with the July 2016 FBI decision not to recommend charges against Clinton. Fitton states:

Loretta Lynch even admitted that meeting cast a cloud over the investigation. And it was shortly after that meeting…and it was my guess that the Director of the FBI Comey looked at that meeting as further indication there was never going to be a prosecution at the Justice Department. I’m convinced that’s in part why he suggested that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted…since he knew that the Justice Department wasn’t going to prosecute her. Boy, what a corruption of the justice system, having that meeting in an audacious way.”

Since the election, Donald Trump has downplayed a previous promise to appoint a special counsel to prosecute Hillary Clinton. According to James Comey’s own testimony to Congress, Hillary is guilty of a charge called “gross negligence,” a serious felony under 18 USC 793 that could result in a long prison sentence.

Comey’s reluctance to recommend charges for Hillary in July and November 2016 does not mean Hillary is off the hook. Trump may be waiting for an opportune charge to pursue Hillary for her many crimes.

[Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com]