The election may be over, but it’s still the talk of the town, or the country rather. Even though both Doug Jones and Roy Moore are white, the left wing media used the fact that it was such a close race as an opportunity to shame white people.

Liberal conspiracy theorist Micheal Moore took to twitter to rant about how white people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

“Dear White People…” Moore began, as he posted a percentage chart of which race voted for which candidate.

Moore didn’t show the rest of the chart, which reveals to us that Latinos failed to show up at the polls. He also fails to mention that a small percentage of African Americans decided to vote for Roy Moore, so are they not real blacks in the eyes of a liberal, brain washed society? Though he himself didn’t come right out and say, “White people shouldn’t vote”, others did, and it’s extremely disturbing and un-American.

“White people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” Tweeted Emer Sugrue, who’s bio describes her as a journalist for the Irish times. She too posted a race percentage chart.

Emer has since made her account private in hopes of warding off any truth tellers. Luckily for us, there are screen shots of this everywhere. Other verified accounts jumped in on the action, all of them condemning white people and calling for their right to vote to be taken away and reserved only for blacks.

“So… I wanna re-emphasize something,” tweeted Dante Atkins. “White people strongly supported Roy Moore. Let’s take that, internalize it, and not let ourselves pretend that we don’t have a problem. White men especially.”

Megan Murphy tweeted, “I know stereotyping can be offensive but I think black people are way better than white people at voting.”

“White people in Alabama are still very alarming. 73% for Moore? You stupid, gullible twits. The real MVP is the absurdly hard working people at @NAACP who relentlessly educated and fought suppression for months,” tweeted James Kurdziel.

It was Karen McGrane who said, “White people: you had you chance, this is where we’re at, let black people decide now.”

Pretty much everyone agreed with them, but that is because all of the right wingers got kicked off of twitter for being white and not a liberal. To say this behavior is not American, would be accurate. This is more like the makings of a communist nation. We have to wake up and realize that our time is running out, people like Micheal Moore are openly advocating for “freedom of speech for some, but not all”, and are leading our country astray. It’s time to stand up, and make America great again.