Did I say Hillary? Oh, my bad, I meant Killary. 

Cheryl Strayed, aka “Sugar,” made the news recently. If you’re wondering who that even is, you’re no alone. All I wanted to do was search for Clinton and find even more damming evidence proving that she’s a nasty woman. It turns out, people still glorify the term. I had zero clue who this Strayed woman was until today, maybe that’s because she’s a feminist and I’d rather not get the plague. Time Magazine posted what are apparently bits from Cheryl’s new book, “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America.” Ugh, I threw up my coffee…

I thought those days of bare naked, blue nippled… things, running around in the streets were over. Now, they are still harassing people while chanting, “I’m a naaaaasty woman!” 

Yes, Hillary Clinton is Nasty woman, and in no way should she take this as a compliment. 

On Twitter, Hillary went from obsessing over Puerto Rico and what Trump needs to do more of, to gun control and what Trump still needs to do more of. “Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get,” she tweeted. Well, with the gun the shooter used, that wouldn’t have been possible; he modified a rifle to shoot like an automatic. I’ll be the first to admit, though I’m pro second amendment, guns are just not my area of expertise. From what several people have told me however, adding a silencer wouldn’t have been an option. 

I do know this: silencers in real life are nothing like they are in the movies. I love The Walking Dead, and I’ve witnessed Rick Grimes avoid several deadly encounters with zombies using them. I’ve also watched my grandpa when he used them; you can still hear the gun. It’s still loud as hell. Even if the shooter did use a silencer, everyone would have still heard the gun shots. 

This is practically a cliche with Hillary Clinton now, whenever something tragic happens, she blames the inanimate object. No, she does not hear the cries of millions of sensible Americans who say “If you make guns illegal, you’re only letting the criminals have guns!” But what some fail to realize is that Clinton is a not so low key communist; she doesn’t care about us. She is exactly the kind of politician we have to silence. She didn’t win the race? She wrote a book crying about it. The Vegas tragedy hits? She writes Tweets without thinking and calls for the end of gun ownership. She wants Trump’s silence because he doesn’t fit her narrative, but we need her silence because she will be the death of our country.