It’s no secret that liberal firebrand Bernie Sanders has been bitter ever since the party machine forced him to stand aside to make way for their chosen savior. But old man Bernie has been quite busy ever since Hillary famously failed to break the glass ceiling that fateful November night. Spending the last year transforming himself from long time fringe figure joke of the party, to a man with a rather scary amount of real power and influence. Influence many mainstream Democrats fear he intends to use against them and the more moderate wing of the party.

In fact just within this past month, Sanders has thrown down a line in the sand for Democrats. A sort of, you are either with me or against me style ultimatum, based around his proposal for a Single-Payer based healthcare system. Mr. Sanders making it very clear to his fellow Democratic congressmen that any party members who don’t get with him on this issue, risk finding themselves on the wrong side of things come next primary season.

Even the head pollster for Sanders failed Presidential run had this to say regarding his bosses Medicare for all healthcare plan, “Our view is that within the Democratic Party, this is fast-emerging as a litmus test.”  In a testament to the power Mr. Sanders now wields, the vast majority of the party is making every effort to move over to the extreme far left as fast as they seemingly can in an effort to gain Grandpa Bernie’s approval. Proof of this coming from the fact that for the first time ever a majority of House Democrats now openly support a Single-Payer bill that has been floating around the halls of Congress for well over a decade. This move to the far left by so many high profile Democrats was seemingly unthinkable just a few years back.

It’s open knowledge that Bernie remains the de facto leader and figurehead of this new ultra-liberal and often open socialist wing of the party. It’s the fact this Bernie-Bro coalition represents the vast majority of younger voters in the party that has long term moderate Dems concerned however. With seeming youth based energy and momentum on their side, Bernie endorsing a rival candidate in a primary race could send many long time Congressmen packing. In fact this has even already almost happened. With the local Nevada Chapter of Bernie’s “Our Revolution” political group endorsing an extreme left candidate over long serving Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen. This eventually led to retired former Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid calling up Sanders personally to request he get the group to pull back its endorsement. Reid rightly making the case that such an extreme Leftist would only serve to guarantee Republicans take back that Senate seat in 2018. While Sanders agreed to the request on this specific account, it is unlikely he will opt to stand down over and over as his wing of the party continues to gain in strength.   

While mainstream Democrats continue to try and make the rational argument that pushing only Sander’s level Liberals across all 50 states in 2018 would lead only to a Republican landslide. Many of Sander’s biggest supporters are no longer accepting this argument. For example, former Ohio State Senator and now President of Our Revolution has said, “Any Democrat worth their salt that doesn’t unequivocally say Medicare-for-all is the way to go? To me, there’s something wrong with them. We’re not going to accept no more hemming and hawing. No more game playing. Make your stand.” Bernie himself isn’t mincing words either, a recent email sent out to his supporters quoting him as saying that in 2018 they will be taking on “the most powerful special interests in the country”. These interest he listed including what he labeled “the establishment wing of the Democratic Party”.

What Sander’s has done is no less than create a civil war inside the Democratic Party. We already saw the first battle in this war playout in last year’s presidential primaries, where Bernie and his supports seemingly lost. Now however much to the surprise of many Bernie appears to have come back from that defeat stronger than ever. His continued influence being felt as early as during the general election. In which according to Hillary’s new book at least, despite not being on the ballot himself he still somehow cost her the win. While Bernie and his so called “progressives” gloat over their rising influence and seeming success in pushing the entire Democratic Party farther left.  The real take away is that much as we saw just last year, this push to the far left by Democrats will only work to ensure a continued Republican control of Washington. As the Vermont based Bernie fails to realize his brand of political extremism is not popular with mainstream Middle America. Which is why if you don’t want to see the Democrats return to power any time soon, you probably should be rooting for Sanders and his friends to keep driving the Democrats deeper into madness.


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