Breaking! Mike Cernovich on Infowars: How the Deep State Recruits Victims of Pedophilia

Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich: “We Are at War and I Will Die For the Truth” 

Mike Cernovich appeared on Infowars with Alex Jones explaining how the deep state recruits and exploits its victims of pedophilia.

He says that there are two tiers to the deep state pedophilic recruitment process.

Mike Cernovich
Mike Cernovich

Tier 1 involves the deep state’s use of security clearances to blackmail incoming officials and media representatives. Typically this is accomplished by “roofying ” the drinks of these newcomers at clubs or parties.

The deep state agents then lure the now drugged incoming representative with an attractive young girl. They lead the representative into a separate room and wait for the drugs to kick in.

Once the official passes out, they stage photos with naked children whom they have locked up for such occasions. The incoming representative wakes up to find a picture next to themselves next to a naked child.

The deep state agents then use these photos for blackmail to force the incomers to bend to their will. That might involve their obedience in the matters of law-making or reporting the news.

With Tier 2, the deep state hires security guards for high traffic events like Comic-Con in San Diego. They seek out young and impressionable girls who appear “lost” and begin the grooming process to utilize them for the interests of the deep state.

According to Cernovich’s sources, these findings do not indicate that the deep state agents are necessarily pedophiles themselves. Even some of the people that they black-mail are not always pedophiles.

On the other hand, the deep state has a tendency to hire pedophiles in many positions of power, because they are incredibly easy to control. Alex Jones remarked that this helps to explain the way that the media has gradually sought to normalize pedophilia. By growing their pool of deviants, they have more people to blackmail and exploit.

Cernovich used pedophile Dennis Hastert as an example. He was quickly promoted within the government because his perverse sensibilities made him malleable to the will of the deep state.

Jones expressed that he has faced a lot of opposition over his years covering controversial stories, but that he has experienced “10 times” the opposition when unmasking the pervasive pedophilic activities of the deep state.

Both he and Cernovich claim that “Pizzagate” was crafted by the deep state as a distraction from and a means to delegitimize claims that there is a massive pedophile ring in the government and the media.

Cernovich went on to explain that General Michael Flynn was targeted by the deep state because of his knowledge of these activities.

Furthermore, he explained that deep state espionage expanded much further than Trump. Cernovich claimed that he himself, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and many others have also been targeted.

Cernovich also explained that, according to his intel, that there is something much deeper to the Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin saga. He claims that the alleged separation was all a ruse, and that there is more to surface with them.

The deep state’s aim is to dominate and control people. Cernovich’s statements today shed more light on to how they exploit teenagers and children to blackmail incoming officials and representatives to maintain that control.

There is more to come. The pedophile networks are being rolled back more each day. Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich are not backing down.

Cernovich claims that he has been repeatedly threatened. Some have warned him that he has six months to either accept a bribe or be killed. He said to Alex Jones:

I have trust funds set up for my wife and daughter.

What these people don’t understand about guys like you and me is that we are at war, and I will die for the truth.

Let them sue me.”