One could be forgiven for being under the mistaken impression that Trump is the most unpopular leader in the Western World. After all, the American mainstream news media consistently seems to find his low approval numbers one of their most popular points of discussion. Likewise this same left leaning mainstream news machine seems to continually try and tell us of the superior Liberal leaders doing a “better job” overseas. With Europe’s Merkel and Macron, along Canada’s Trudeau being three of the most widely cited examples. Which is why it’s slightly odd that these same news organizations never seem to want to mention the fact that these leaders by and large are even less popular than Trump is here with their own people.

Unlike the so called “real news,” I shall let the facts speak for themselves. As a baseline mark, above are the approval numbers for the American President from the current month provided by respected political polling firm Rasmussen Reports. Over the past month Trump consistently hovers around the lower to mid 40’s in direct approval ratings. While his disapproval scores relatively close to that, staying in the mid 50’s. Not great for sure, but it clearly represents the politically divided nation we all know America is currently. The real question is, are the so called Liberal leaders actually doing any better?
The recently elected Emmanuel Macron of France was heralded as the supposed great unifier of his own bitterly divided nation. Sold as a centrist to the people, it seems all his middle grounding has accomplished is angering elements on both sides. With his direct disapproval numbers being nearly identical to Trump at just slightly more than half of respondents.

Related imageThat said, the interesting part is that Trump actually far outperforms the French President in direct approval. With Macron only having a favorable impression among a mere 28% of the French population, far below Trump’s own mid 40’s. Trump at least remains popular with his core base, unlike the media celebrated Macron who seemingly doesn’t really have one. Making the asterisk on this Time magazine cover seems increasingly relevant.


But what about the self-appointed Queen of Europe herself. The woman who some would say helped put Germany back on top of the continent. Well likely at least in part as a result of her disastrous refugee policy, she isn’t doing that much better than Macron. Now finding herself with a lower approval rating than Trump at just about 40% even. Also of note is that this poll was taken before the events of the last few days which have left many in Germany calling for the leader to resign after she failed to form a new coalition Government.

Of course hardcore Liberals would likely tell you the problem with Macron and Merkel are that they are not progressive enough. So let us turn now to the ultimate progressive leader. A man so determined to gain favor with the Social Justice Warrior crowd, he turns formal government apologies into public ticketed celebrations. Far from showing Trump how it’s done, the two leader’s ratings are actually quite close. With Trudeau’s approval scores coming in at just 43% in the most recent polling. His disapproval is comparable as well, sitting at just under 50% of the nation. More damning for Trudeau however and his super Liberal Canadian administration is that current polls now show if elections were held today in Canada, the Conservatives would likely unseat his Liberal party and gain a majority, putting him out of a job.

So while the media isn’t lying when they say the President’s approval numbers aren’t amazing. What they conveniently don’t tell you, is that neither are his foreign counterparts. Yet you don’t see CNN or MSNBC bashing Macron or Trudeau for having the same low approval ratings. Proving once again, that mainstream news has an agenda driven narrative to what they choose to cover and what they don’t. They only get away with this by screaming that any organization who dares call them out on this fact is somehow “fake news”. Real news however isn’t scared of facts, or of its readers own intelligence. Which is why we here at Squawker trust you simply to read all you can, and make up your own mind about what is and isn’t real news. 

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