An event known as the Freedom Rally San Francisco was scheduled to be held over the past weekend.  Today I am sad to report that the event was not allowed to occur.  As previously covered, the gathering had been attacked since its announcement from all liberal corners. Including local city officials, Antifa members, local liberal activists, and even Nancy Pelosi herself.

The common link between all these parties being their seeming determination to link the aborted rally with the now infamous one held earlier this month in Charlottesville.  This despite the events organizers Patriot Prayer going to great lengths to distance themselves from that event. With these efforts seemingly not working however, the organizers finally decided to pull the plug on the entire thing at the last minute. 

One of the rally organizers Joey Gibson stated this decision was made after long conversations with San Francisco Police, who felt they couldn’t guarantee the safety of either rally attendees or the counter protesting crowds.  Gibson went on further suggesting that he had begun to feel like the event was turning into a giant set up designed only to illicit another Charlottesville level incident painting the right in a negative light.

“After several conversations with the police and understanding, you know, the situation of what’s going on we decided that tomorrow really seems like a setup. It doesn’t seem safe. A lot of people’s lives are going to be in danger tomorrow. The rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Lee, the media, all these people are saying that we’re white supremacists and it’s bringing in tons of extremists. And it seems just like a huge setup.”

Gibson also singled out the threat posed by Antifa as a particular reason for the events cancellation stating,

“These Antifa thugs, these kids who dress in all black, they constantly put police officers lives in danger, our lives in danger, liberal lives in danger if they get in their way or speak out against them.” 

This warning seeming especially relevant in the wake of mass Antifa led violence that did occur just a day later at a separate but similar rally which occurred as planned. An event that Gibson himself did attempt to attend. However not long after arriving on the scene, he found himself being chased around by armed Antifa members.

The armed mob openly attacked and pepper sprayed the retreating Gibson and an associate who held their hands up while walking backwards from the angry protesters.  Things got so crazy in fact that Police later stepped in putting Gibson and friend in handcuffs while removing them from the scene.  The Police though later releasing a statement this was done to “protect the pair” and better remove them away from the violent Antifa mob before letting them go.  You can see the incident for yourself in the following video from CBS news.


The liberal media bias in terms of coverage of this incident was in full display as well. With the Los Angeles Times excitedly reporting the pair had been arrested for charging police.  The actual truth not coming to light until later when the San Francisco Chronicle cleared up this misconception by actually speaking to the Police. Who confirmed it was actually a rescue to protect the two men and neither had been arrested or charged with anything.

To keep things in perspective, the cancelled Freedom Rally said this about the event they had hoped to hold over the weekend.

“Love and Peace is the only way to heal this country- so we ask that you do not use hate against us with the intent of fighting hate. We are here to spread a message of love.”

The lefts response to this message of love?  Violent suppression of speech and free thinking of course.  Given that most American’s allegedly do still favor real freedom of speech, when is the silent majority going to start speaking out against this type of behavior?  It’s time now for all reasonable American’s on all sides of the political spectrum to start condemning the groups like Antifa that are determined to be the only group still allowed a voice. 


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