While the media distracts us with never ending discussion of outraged football players, and overweight North Korean dictators. Our Congress is once again trying to sneak by another attempt at an Amnesty for Illegals bill. This time though it’s brought to us by a number of old guard Republicans rather than the usual Democrat suspects.

When speaking in defense of their new “Dreamers bill” this trio of Republican traitors. Senator’s Tillis, Hatch, and Lankford all sound eerily similar to their Liberal counterparts in terms of the rhetoric and arguments being employed. Stating they believe that American laws should not hold the children of lawbreakers responsible for their crimes. However critics of the bill have pointed out that American law should also not allow the children of lawbreakers to keep the ill-gotten gains of their parent’s crimes. As such a policy only encourages and incentivizes continues lawlessness. Anyone with common sense understands that Amnesty of any kind, simply guarantees the continued mass Illegal immigration that has occurred over the past decade. Only by taking a firm stance and punishing those who have broken current laws, can we even begin to deter new arrivals, and hope to reestablish the controlled legal paths towards immigration that worked for most of America’s history just fine.

It is for this reason that the American’s for Legal Immigration PAC, and other Conservative or Nationalist oriented political groups have already vowed to take action in fighting this new proposed bill. In fact the “Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is launching an intense citizen activist campaign against the new Succeed Act Amnesty bill because ALIPAC believes the bill will attract more illegal immigrants into America by rewarding those already here and further permanently undermine America’s woefully under-enforced existing immigration laws.”

These Republican Senators are not only working to destabilize their nation, but also seem determined to destroy the future of their own party as well. With continued mass immigration almost certainly meaning the continued addition every year of millions of new future Democratic voters. If a stand is not taken right now, at this possibly last rare moment when in theory the GOP is in control of Washington. It is unlikely our borders will ever be a concept to be taken seriously ever again. President of the ALIPAC William Gheen stated this on the matter, “I wish Senators like Tillis, Lankford, and Hatch showed half as much care for American kids as they do for these illegal aliens who want to become Democrat voters as soon as they can! Through this bill, millions of illegal aliens would secure U.S. citizenship and voting rights, and then use their political power to gain Amnesty for millions more who would turn most states as deep Democrat blue as California and give Democrats control of all three branches of government within a decade!

America is already over 20 trillion dollars in debt, and suffering the effect of an economy struggling under the weight of taxpayer resources being spent on this never ending steam of Illegals flooding to our shores. America has always been a beacon for the needy of the world, but when the average current American family is needy as well. Shouldn’t we focus on those already existing Americans here at home first, before we turn our eyes back to helping the rest of the world? In an era of American prosperity, it makes sense to take the less fortunate in en masse, but that is not the current situation we find ourselves in, and its time our lawmakers started putting America first again, to allow us time to regain our strength.

Clearly while this idea is popular with many American’s that sadly never seems to include our lawmakers in Washington. Thus far however mass citizen movements and protests have helped defeat similar Amnesty efforts in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2013-14. The continued push of these bills on Capitol Hill however indicates the general attitude among D.C. types seems to be to just keep trying until something finally sticks. While this behavior is expected from the Left, as Democrats understand such a policy only guarantees them future political power. It’s beyond confusion to see so many Republican leaders go down this road as well, not seemingly taking any lessons from the populist fueled Republican victories last year. It’s time the GOP Senators started listening to their constituents and make some progress on once again properly enforcing our already existing immigration laws, rather than offering up Democrat lite Amnesty bills.

For now it’s important to send a message to these Republican’s In Name Only, that we want our current laws enforced and not new rubbish like this so called “Success Act” pushed down our throats. If you wish to make your voice heard. Below are the contact numbers for the bill’s sponsors. At the very least we shouldn’t give up on our country without a fight, lest we resign ourselves to the fate that seems to have befallen much of Europe.

Senator Tillis (R-NC) (202) 224-6342
Senator Hatch (R-UT) (202) 224-5251
Senator Lankford (R-OK) (202) 224-5754


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