Looks like I called this one. Back in September I covered the early rumblings of an Oprah run at the White House. While back then it still seemed a bit of a joke, fast forward a few months and suddenly the possibility of the one time TV talk show host turning politician seems a lot more likely. At the very least, NBC sure seemed keen on the idea. Dropping for a moment all pretense of being an unbiased news broadcasting service and tweeting the below message out publicly during their airing of last night’s Golden Globe awards.

NBC wasn’t the only mainstream news organization declaring Oprah the presumptive next President however. With the Washington Times boldly declaring this morning, “Trump, meet your 2020 Democratic opponent, Oprah!” Interestingly though, it would seem as if someone at NBC might possibly have now thought better about their public political endorsement. As within just the past few minutes, the tweet in question has been suddenly taken down. Likely as a result of the overwhelming negative response it received from many corners, including from Trump Jr. himself. Since then NBC has attempted to backpedal on what they are now calling a rogue tweet sent out by a third party, that was in no way meant to be a “political statement”. 

During the awards show Ms. Winfrey gave a speech as part of her accepting a lifetime achievement award. The speech rather predictably turned political fast, hitting all the usual popular modern Progressive talking points such as the #MeToo Movement and racial inequality. Somehow this was apparently enough to impress the Leftist masses, as thousands quickly went online to express their support for a theoretical Oprah Presidential campaign. Here below are just a few prime examples of reactions to her speech all taken from blue check marked “verified” accounts on Twitter.

Oprah herself only continues to react positively in response to the ever increasing calls for her to run against Trump in a few years. For example, when late last year the New York Post called her “The Democrat’s best hope for 2020,” she publicly thanked the paper for their vote of confidence.

In the mind of a modern Liberal, where only superficial qualities such as gender, skin color, and name recognition matter. It’s not surprising to see why so many on the Left see Oprah as their chosen messiah, set to free them from the so called evils of President Trump. As the Left seems so determined to force this concept into reality, I would like to be the first to suggest Ms. Winfrey choose her close personal friend Harvey Weinstein as her running mate. After all, the pair apparently used to be quite the effective team

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