Page 27 Of Hillary Clinton’s New Book Details “Alternate Nostril Breathing”


Mrs. Clinton may have officially lost her mind. 

Losing the election may have impacted Hillary Clinton’s ego, personality, and overall general outlook on life. This is evident in her ongoing personal attacks on President Trump after the election, wherein she likened him to various authoritarian regime leaders in history. 

Nigel Farage, British politician and former leader of the UK Independence Party, stated that Clinton was “sad and pathetic” after her momentous loss, and that she was handling the situation like a “bad loser.” However, with the publication of her new book, What Happened, a political memoir about the 2016 presidential election, it is clear that she may not only be a loser, but an odd nutjob to boot. 

In an interview with CNN, it was noted that on page 27 of her new book, Clinton talks about the wonders of “alternate nostril breathing.” She is kind enough to offer a demonstration, where she holds one of her nostrils, inhales, then holds the other nostril while exhaling. 

Perhaps her loss has not only taken a toll on the trajectory of the United States, but also on Hillary Clinton’s sanity. Is this a regular practice? Or is it an attempt to gather attention? Tell us what you think!